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Please stop repeating my old name thanks


Are you doing a DNCE or NOTD? Aren’t you worried people might think yout name is Muttlick? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


is that part of the new style guide?


It’s very eco friendly.
Saves a few more bytes.


1 day TV Presenter’s Workshop

Want to improve your presenting skills and make more engaging and professional videos for LinkedIn that actually cut through? We have created a unique 1 day FAST-TRACK TV course at Channel 7 to give you the skills to host your own videos with confidence and authenticity.

Saturday August 18 10am-4pm Channel 7, Sir Samuel Griffiths Drive, Mount Coot-tha.


Discord server.

Go there now.

Or I send nudes.

Of Peter Hitchener.


What he said


Is that one of those prior learning recognition courses where the participants get a Bachelor or Masters for completing that one day’s activities?!?!


Probably preferable to nudes of @ElCapitanCranky


I doubt you get a masters OR a bachelor for a one day course! More like a certificate of completion or participation.

Maybe you can give yourself a Masters of Bation. :wink: :rofl:


No…I’m not giving you lot free comedy material.


Phew thank goodness for that :smile:


Join me in the Sin Bin for some intelligent conversation.

Only on Discord.


Hi everyone,

Due to a recent opportunity which I have unreservedly decided to take up, I’ve decided that I will have to wind down my posting on this lovely site. It’s been a blast since 2011.

You all are fantastic peeps and I will continue to lurk in the depths. The admins and mods, despite their tendencies toward the establishment of a white populist ethnostate, have my thanks for tolerating me over the years. The members who have made this place a must-stop for me over the years have likewise got my upmost respect.

If any of you want to keep in touch, PM me.

Ta ta for now possums.



After all that effort I went to change your name…


Writer for The Spy Report would be prominent in your resume. One of the best.


Well, shit.


The Unofficial Media Spy Discord would like to announce the banning of a fake “Bort” he committed the following atrocities:

-Prank calling members on no caller ID every day!
-Insulting people
-Convincing members to post bad things on media spy and claiming that you will be given immunity
-Impersonation of a site Mod/Admin
-Giving out personal information to random people
-Getting me put on mod queue for no reason :confused:

He is now permanently I.P banned so that is the end of him! :grinning:!!

Well you can’t argue with that! lmao


I can’t get back into it again, the invite link now disappears into nothing, and Media Spy isn’t anywhere on my Discord account. I can’t be bothered trying to get back into it.


Auf wiedersehen M’tl’ck.