Random Radio

Here’s how to make Spotify a bit more like radio:


You can create a playlist by choosing whether to add the song it serves up (or not). It’s a little buggy but worth persisting with for a bit more variety in your Spotify musical diet.


The days of local, tweaked to their market in “sound” stations like 4IP or 3XY won’t return. AM Top 40 personality radio would not have existed in an Internet world.

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Sad but so true😕

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I enjoy the retro stream weekend radio station. They are play a mix of lite retro from the 90s to today. Not a format I really thought about or explored. I don’t think there are radio stations in Australia with this format. Maybe vega was when it launched? I normally would miss the earlier decades of music but this seems to work ok.

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The way it reads to me is music ‘up to the 1990s’ (so nothing from this century)?

He is playing noughties music as well, mostly 90s.

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What a pity, would’ve been great to see radio spit the dummy.

We’ve seen them spit the dummy before at having to pay more royalties to stream and it wasn’t pretty.

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