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I thought 3KZ was doing the radio coverage when I was young. I know 3GL changed to K-Rock but I think Ted Whitten left by then.

3EE is Football

Speaking about Rugby League, I notice Macquarie Sports Radio is broadcasting the Storm into Melbourne which is fantastic but I loved 3AK coverage of around 1999-2000 with Arthur Higgins being just bias as Gus Gould and Ray Hadley and loving the Talkback caller after the game and the Sydneysiders and Queenslanders ringing up to complain about the bias coverage.


Absolutely agree. Just looking at the longer term trends over the last 45 years (data sourced from ABS, although bizarrely 2016 census data for areas like Newcastle is really hard to find ), here are some thoughts:

  • Perth is growing at a rate that probably two licences should be auctioned. With the transfer of 6MM to FM, I would auction one AM licence on 1116 and auction one FM licence.
  • Gold Coast is the other stand out with services not matching population growth. Given the FM congestion, I would look for one of the soon to be abandoned AM frequencies in a nearby solo market for at least one extra station.
  • Canberra, I would convert one AM to FM. This effectively means that there is a “standard” ratio of 3 FM to 1 AM in a larger non-capital market.
  • Sydney also arguably deserves an extra FM service and with Melbourne’s growth outstripping Sydney, I can’t see it being far behind.



Would 1116 be too close to 6IX on 1080?

They could use 1530, which was at one point proposed to be the 6PR frequency for Perth southside (with 882 to be moved to Hammersly).

Whilst 106.5 is not currently in use (as far as I know), I think 6PR has approval to use that in Waneroo and Rockingham as translators as 6IX does on 105.7.


I’m not sure of the technicalities but I’d say it would be ok. Brisbane has 1008 (4TAB) and 1161 (4BC) pretty close together - although not as close as that :slight_smile:


In Sydney, there’s 2RPH on 1224 & 2SM on 1269, which is only 45kHz apart.

Likewise in Melbourne with 3RPH on 1179 & SBS Radio on 1224.


Yes definitely agree with those.

In addition Brisbane either needs a new FM licence or at least a conversion FM licence. It’s the most out of whack in terms of AM vs. FM services with 50% of commercial stations on FM. Also I’m terms of growth rates it’s also back ahead of Perth in this regard.

Definitely think Canberra should get a conversion FM and GC another licence.

Outside of the bigger cities I think there’s a case for a 3rd FM in Darwin to break the duopoly.


Though 1080 and 1116 is only 36 kHz apart, a bit closer again.

Also bearing in mind that in Sydney, 1224 is at Prospect and 1269 is at Homebush, having them at different sites would help.

Though 1116 could be at Hammersley whereas 1080 is currently at Ascot.


Whats the best app to know where FM/AM transmitters are? Aus Towers App seems to have mobile phone towers covered, the radio one seems to not work (unless i have selected the wrong options).

I was next to the HHH transmitter this morning. No aerial needed on my USB receiver on my laptop. :slight_smile: Of course that would be the case but it the sort of thing I like to test. The computer is the best device (more software options) to measure reception.

However, I don’t carry my laptop around everywhere, I use my Sangean DT-120 to test reception. What is your fav pocket radio to test reception? I have another Bush pocket radio for DAB, but it is not the best model to monitor reception as the screen goes off.


This app may be what you’re looking for, although it’s only for iOS devices.

The Tecsun PL-390 is my favourite to test FM/AM reception. The Sangean DPR-34 is not bad either, particularly for DAB+ reception, though not as detailed as the Tecsun for FM signal testing.


Not an app, but on a Windows PC, the Google Earth program with the transmitter placemarkers (a KMZ add on file available from ACMA) for AM, FM and DTV transmitters is absolutely brilliant.


There’s also this map linked to the ACMA database.



I have Android no iOS…

Thanks for links! Wonder how WOW FM works. Two transmitters, different locations same frequency. On Transmitter in St Marys the other in Werrington.

Any reason why you would do this?


The St Mary location is listed as “standby mast”. Every potential broadcast site has to be registered.


Went down to the races at Randwick in Sydney yesterday.

A few of us stayed at the Travelodge. A couple got Room 1422, and I said to them (in a mildly inebriated state of course) that they got the “3XY Room”.

They looked at me like what the hell was I on about, but I wasn’t asked to elaborate.

I think the only room number I’ve ever stayed in that matched an AM or FM frequency was (oddly) 657 (in a Meriton apartment). That didn’t bring back any radio memories.


LOL! That’s why I never throw in any radio references in general conversation with uninitiated citizens…though you admit you took the advice of Uncle Harry.


I don’t normally… I blame the :beer:


https://maprad.io/ this is also very good


Another faux radio dial seen in a movie - FM band massively expanded.



The way regional radio stations are now and the amount of data we can get now, I think in near future there is going to be a lot more people streaming here in Australia.

I have notice in the last few months here that a lot more workplaces are either using Spotify or streaming other radio stations.