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That looks really great mate. I like how the Stan Sport and Nine logos are on the desk (as they will most likely be simulcasting some events) Keep up the good work! Hopefully Nine use something like this at the IBC instead of not bothering and commentating out of GTV/TCN just like Seven have been.


I think the i98 and C91.3 logos are starting to look dated, so here is my attempt to refresh them.


I wonder if there’s anyway of integrating both the i98 name AND the 98.1FM frequency in the logo?

Do you mean (for i98) adding the frequency next to the FM? Wouldn’t that be a duplication?

I would have it as “i98” and try to squeeze 98.1FM somewhere in the frequency.

The same with the 96FM logo.

It sounds silly, but as a young kid I never actually knew (nor could figure out) the actual frequencies of these stations. They were nowhere to be found on their websites.

The same could now be said about any new listeners to 2GB/4BC/3AW/6PR’s websites.

Even if it’s a subtle frequency at the bottom, I think all stations should have their frequency present in their logo.

Surely anyone would agree that a frequency is more important than just a name/plain logo.

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Hello there,

Here’s an update on the Nine Paris Olympics set design. I have improved the lighting and also added additional elements to the design. Additionally, I have added some additional shots to show the design in more detail and its versatility. Still WIP.

I have also made a quick schedule of how basic Nine Network coverage would look like. Live TV coverage would have double presentation, in an attempt to make less stilted the presentation of events and allow for more equal representation of both men and women presenters.

  • Ceremonies and Olympic Primetime (7-11pm AEST): Karl Stefanovic and Leila McKinnon
  • Olympic Overnights (11pm-5am AEST): Roz Kelly and Todd Woodbridge
  • Olympic Breakfast (5-9am AEST): Tony Jones and Brett Phillips
  • Rendez-Vous Paris (highlights show, 9-11am AEST): James Bracey

Brilliant stuff mate


Absolutely stunning @Medianext.MX

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Wow I would love to see this next year

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That looks even better than the first @Medianext.MX. I would assume the cameras could be moved with seats so it can face either the video wall or the other side?

Great choice of scheduling too with most of the presenters covering past events. However I assume the hosts are for the main channel with 9Gem hosting out of Sydney or Melbourne and Stan Sport/9Now taking the world feed.

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Bloody fantastic. Would be amazing if this is how they upgraded their big studio to.


Rendezvous should air during daytime hours

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We can only dream of seeing a set as beautiful and intricate as this. Well done!


I’m afraid the cameras couldn’t be moved. These Electric Friends cameras work like Furio cameras, but it has a much more custom workflow, and the size of the towers which integrate the cams don’t allow for doing such a thing.

Absolutely. These are the main channel hosts, which would be based on the IBC. And as you say, the Wide World of Sports studio in Sydney/Melbourne could be used for supplementary needs and the multi-channel coverage. Danika Mason and Nick McArdle would host 9Gem’s coverage, which would be looser in format to attract a younger audience, including more casual wardrobe.

As for commentators, the current Nine/Stan tennis and rugby teams will commentate these specific events, with the FINA World Championships team returning to commentate many of the aquatics events. For other core sports (basketball, boxing, surfing…), maybe grab some Fox commentators to work alongside existing Nine personalities, and add some Aussie olympians as usual. Other sports (athletics, soccer, cycling, archery…) would use OBS world feed commentary.

And for the opening ceremony, alongside Stefanovic and McKinnon, Ken Sutcliffe would make a one-off special guest appearance as co-commentator. Commercial breaks during the ceremony would have a split-screen format to avoid delays, which would include also an avail enticing viewers to subscribe to Stan Sport.

@BigVic Like in 2012, the Rendez-Vous Paris show would be repeated before the 6pm news; between both showings, there would be live coverage of sport surfing between 26 and 29 July, as it will take place closer to Aussie, in the territory of French Polynesia; from 30 July, some of the normal daytime programs would air in these slots.


Kind of been itching to put this in video form, plus I haven’t done a video in a while.

There is also a card on the video if you want to hear this re-synced to the new CBS Local theme as well.


Awesome stuff! Looks fantastic.
Only thing I’m not a fan of is the square box element in the titlecard, would work better as a circle.
(Not a fan of it in the CBS station variant either)


I do prefer the 10NF music over the CBS music. However, I think it’ll sound awesome with the 2013-2018 Eyewithess News music!

Love these graphics - 10 should really consider adopting these!


Love this so much


Something a bit more random than usual for this topic, but it’s the 60th Anniversary of Doctor Who this year, so thought they should bring back the symphonic spectacular (last run in 2015).


Well done, love it. @NaruTVMock