Radio outside of Australia - Whats good?


Get ready to scream people - Entercom has sold some stations to the Educational Media morons, including The Sound 100.3 LA - which is going to become KLOVE 100.3



Surely there’s some sort of conflict there with the long-standing Spanish AC K-Love 107.5? Big waste of frequency in my opinion - The Sound was one of the better sounding classic rock stations in the US


Arrrrrrgh :frowning:


Perhaps The Sound could buy KBLA on 1580 kHz? We could then listen without needing to stream :smiley:


I was listening to Wisconsin’s 105.7 WAPL a few nights ago and the one thing that really struck me was the better variety in their playlist. Triple M (and the other commercial FM stations, in a general sense) could really learn a thing or two from WAPL. The station not only played single releases, but also album tracks as well. It was pretty good.


Thanks for the tip. I’ll give it a try


Just got back from a couple of weeks in the UK and thought I’d share my impressions of a few stations there. I had a hire car and spent a lot of time driving in southern/southwest England and Wales, and I can report that I didn’t listen to FM once, not once! I was entirely on DAB the whole time. The range of stations was roughly comparable with DAB in Australian cities with all music genres covered, along with the full suite of BBC choices, Talk and Sport stations. Spent most time on the following:
Smooth - similar to Smooth here, possibly not quite as good as Smooth Australia IMHO! Seemed a little sleepier and safer. Kudos to NE for creating Smooth in Australia.
Smooth “Extra” - seemed not much different to the main Smooth channel, maybe slightly more upbeat.
Magic - very similar to Smooth. Actually sometimes I couldn’t tell the difference. Maybe slightly more mainstream AC at times. They had Ronan Keating on breakfast in Magic London.
Heart - Hot AC and really quite a good listen. Probably what KIIS/97.3/Mix should aim for. Emma Bunton (ex Spice Girl) co-hosting breakfast. She was actually very good.
BBC2 - Always entertaining although a bit “talky” at breakfast. Music is pretty eclectic during the day and quite random, mixed with well-known classic hits. It really works for me at least. Lots of interaction during the day with call-in competitions based on years in music. Really polished. Wish the ABC had a station like this.
Absolute Radio - great mix of rock, with a lot of English rock. No sport or talk - note to Triple M!!!
Radio X - edgy rock with a lot of 90s. No sport or talk - note to Triple M!!!
Planet Rock - a bit older classic rock
Absolute 80s, Heart 80s - both provided a nice driving playlist. Both much more adventurous than iHeart 80s. Heart 80s had a proper breakfast show of their own, and a Kim Wilde show :slight_smile:

Anyway, overall I was impressed by the selection and also by the continuous DAB coverage. It only got a little patchy with fewer stations in hilly Wales.


It has a full afternoon of sport and talk (plus music) on Saturdays and Sundays


I love to listen to Radio FG from france, I find there music mix to be quite good.


As from today, The Sound in NZ is doing the A to Z of their playlist.

For more:


Do you just play Adam Ant and ZZ Top - A to Z done


What happens to bands like 10CC and 5 Seconds of Summer? :smirk:


US station WAMW-FM seems to have a split personality - is it AM, Medium Wave or FM? :wink:



I’ve just downloaded an App on my smart TV called UK Radio. It streams pretty much every UK radio station with a very good interface for selecting and changing stations. Currently loving sampling Radio Caroline and some of the more obscure local stations. Even Magic is pretty good.


I’ve been enjoying listening to SLAM! from The Netherlands. I always enjoy the production quality of these Europene radio stations.
As of writing this the are playing the top 1000 dance tracks mixed in to a mathon which is just awesome to listen to.


Just back from a brief time in Stockholm. I didn’t listen to much Radio but noticed each night on one of the main public TV channels they simulcast a youth radio network on the TV and have live pictures of the studio beaming on the TV. Small crowds are gathered in and around the studio for like a “dance party” get together. Although mostly they’re just standing around talking to the DJs who chat to them while the songs are playing.

It’s just so very odd but seems to be on every night. The rest of the time the TV channel is like ABC Me or what used to be ABC 2.


That would probably have been for Musikhjälpen - it’s an annual 24/7 charity broadcast around the second week of December. It’s a bit like a telethon where people donate money to request songs. This year’s theme was “Everyone has the right to function differently” The playlist gets upload that on Spotify every year, too.

I actually quite like the regular playlist on P3. It sounds different in all the right ways (for me, at least. :stuck_out_tongue: )


Of late, I seem to find myself listening to KSQN Salt Lake City (103.1 The Wave) a fair bit. Great mix of 80’s rarities, it’s just a shame that The 80’s can’t step up to the plate with the same level of oddball mix. Gives Absolute 80’s a bit of a run for its money as well.
Thankfully they’re not afraid of playing 12" at times, but the advertising can be a little repetitive.


KINK Portland

A unique station in the Portland, Oregon market (or any market).

It has maintained its relevancy by retaining its heritage ideals yet keeping pace with contemporary broadcasting standards.

Australian programmer and breakfast show coach, Ronnie Stanton looked after the station when he was working over there, now keeping a watchful eye from afar.

Owned by Alpha Media, they’re a smaller broadcasting company that has put the foot down on their acquisition pedal in recent years. Similar to the Camerons with Grant Broadcasters buying what they can.


Anyone with the ‘rova’ app (Mediaworks NZ radio app) check out “The Sound’ pop up station, deep cuts. Playing a very varied and wide range of b sides, album tracks and lesser known singles. I am absolutely loving it.