Radio outside of Australia - Whats good?


Still too mainstream for the hispters of Portlandia, though.


Wow , they actually play acdc and a couple of rarer Bruce Hornsby and the range tracks ! That’s like mixing smooth and triple m together :slight_smile:. However to defend Sydney radio, perhaps WSFM would do that too… But its a good start. Thanks for the tip.


Playing “The Raven” by the Alan Parsons Project right now so gets a :+1: from me.


They’re sixth in a large market in a band around 5% with the fourth and fifth placed stations. They’re doing fine, with or without the hipsters.


Yeah, I’ve listened to them heaps! Awesome unique format…I love the show Unrest.

Another really cool unique format is a station in Missoula called 103.3 The Trail (KDTR).

Check it out, it’s worth it:

Would love to know your thoughts.


Just checked out their just played tracks. Pretty impressive !