Radio History


Yes, ARNs improvement in success has of course come at the expense of SCA, who inherited the original 2 commercial FM stations, once both among the top rating, but now the bottom two for commercial FM.


I thought it was from a Mix station on the east coast of the states they copied the logo from?

Speaking of copied logos, how many Aussie stations have copied logos from overseas? The original River949 and Magic FM stations in SA seemed to have copied KAMX’s logo from the US.


Oh no - my beloved 2SM in the 80s had ripped off their logo from an overseas station!

I have decided that the best way to deal with this is to be in denial.


A couple of the montages of Mike Willesee’s career showed him at the opening of 2DAY FM


KROQ (4GGG) on the Gold Coast took both the logo and the name

At least K-Rock in Geelong just took the name from KROQ but they “borrowed” their logo from FM104 in Brisbane (not sure if both stations came under the Hoyts ownership in those days?)




no idea, it might have shock, horror, been an original


I wonder which came first 4KQ; KQ’s was in 2005.




WSFM adopted their version of the logo in 2004.

I think KRDG actually might’ve ripped off ARN. Their Facebook page suggests that the logo (and callsign) was only adopted in 2013 while Shingletown, California is a small market.


There might be a connection between the 2 stations given th at Clear Channel was a shareholder in ARN for a long time and CC have a big presence in the US.

A little tenuous perhaps but it might explain a link or at least some sort of licensing if CC was flogging a branding idea around American markets.


Doubt it - it’s not a Clear Channel/iHeartMedia station


True… but its GM is/was…

These days you can’t get away with stealing IP… so I doubt it was a straight “copy” there’d be licensing from somewhere/some one if not Clear Channel


Does anyone recall whereabouts on the Gold Coast the transmitter sites were for 4GG and 4SO?

I think 4GG was near Bundall (or maybe that was just the studio).

Not sure about 4SO.


Pretty sure 4GG was as you say at Bundall behind the horse track. I’d be interested in finding out where 4SO was broadcast from too!


That would be a sensible location, quite central to the coast and in an area surrounded by waterways / toxic swamps Black Swan Lake

I recently had access to a host of historic aerial images of the coast but they only went back until the early 2000s, so wouldn’t have been much use in finding am AM site that went off over 10 years earlier…


According to the 1988 listing of radio and TV transmitters, 4SO’s coordinates are 28, 2.5S and 153, 26.0E, which places it in Broadbeach. This would sound correct as I recall reading once about where 4SO’s transmitter used to be. I think it was on a building.


Thanks, unusual in Australia for an AM transmitter to be on a building, but I guess technically it’s possible.


It is indeed these days Radiohead. But back from the 1920s even up to the 1950s many AM stations had their transmitters on top of buildings. The two towers that held up the old 3DB antenna are still in place on top of the old Herald and Weekly Times building in Melbourne.

Can’t imagine any of them got out very well. Especially once the CBDs were populated with more and taller buildings. 3KZ still had a stand by AM antenna on top of its studios in Victoria Parade in Melbourne until it converted to FM. Amazingly it was put up in the 1980s when they moved there from the Trades Hall around the corner.


Always wondered what those were for - cheers!


Those coordinates place it where Lone Star is just south of Pacific Fair. Makes sense as that would have been around the middle of the coast back then. Very little was built inland.

What format did 4SO have? Like the current Local Radio or different?


I’m not sure about the format of 4SO.