Radio History


Saturday Quiz…

What station is this? And where was it from?

The clue is in the logo (kinda).


93FM from Christchurch, NZ.


Good guess… and around the same vintage…

But no… that was C93FM.


Oh, I forgot the C in front of it! :frowning:


4MMM have had quite a few variations on their on air ID.
Triple M FM104 is a new one for me.

I have heard of

  • 4 Triple M
  • FM104
  • FM104.5 (from the 1989 frequency change)
  • Triple M
  • FM104 Triple M
  • then back to Triple M again as it is today.


3AK during the 80s and 90s would probably be up there. It’s only once it became SEN that it settled on a long term format.


Earlier, there were a few Australian stations with jingles from PAMS of Dallas.

JAM bought PAMS’ jingles so a lot of especially classic hits stations have modernised reworked versions e.g. WCBS-FM jingles sound a lot like vintage 77 WABC. I recall some weather beds that someone posed being used by 2SM that sound like PAMS.

One of the best parts of AM DXing was to hear the jingles from US stations.

4IP and no doubt 2SM had the fantastic plastic.


The most innovative jingles for me have included

A 2SM series based on the following song - I have the jingle but it doesn’t seem to be on YT

FM radio station 99-X New York; that was the first time I’d heard a US radio station branded without using their full call letters and based on the station frequency. How ironic that Brisbane would later get both Radio 10 and B-105 :slight_smile:

The great JAM jingles of KOST FM Los Angeles. Some inspiration for some early branding of ABC Gold Coast that copied some elements.


KOST - The station that’s coasting for SoCal liberals.


I’ve never thought much of PAMS/JAM jingles… they all sound the same.

2UE’s Rhythm of the City package was American and sounded great but I don’t think it was PAMS or JAM.

Australian jingles produced locally were generally superior… the classic 2SM City Rhythm package which was used by almost country radio station stands out as does their Rock of the 80s set which I believe was also local.

More recently, a UK outfit, Wise Buddah has been producing some excellent jingles for BBC Radio 2 amongst others;


93FM Hawkes Bay


They sound a little dated now but 2SM had some Australian-made jingles in the 80s. I can clearly hear Mark Hunter’s voice on several of these. Mark was the lead singer of Dragon.

It’s only a number and two letters - 2SM - but it sounded much better when the jingles originated in Australia and not a studio in Dallas.

I like this package of jingles as it proves that before 2GB was “The Power Station” 2SM was “The Power” in 1982. I think we may have run out of slogans and positioners for radio stations many years ago…


What was the last song played on 2UW? And the first on Mix 106.5?


You should check out


Cant remember the last but remember the first on MIX 106.5. Ace of Base, all that she wants. It was the most uninteresting launch ever. It was like 7am saturday morning.


Can you remember who was on by chance?

George Moore?


You probably right. I cant remember, I should call him on 2gb to ask. :slight_smile:


I’m amazed at how articulate, quick-thinking and opinionated a young Sir Paul is.

Great insight into how 2ZM filtered its new music and honed its format.

‘People just don’t listen to the hit parade anymore’