First song played on the launch of a new station?

Listening to the launch of a new radio station can be an exciting thing.

Part of the excitement is the anticipation of what song is going to be played first.

When 3ZM converted to FM they played ‘Stairway to Heaven’. Big song, though interestingly not part of their playlist prior nor after.

Similarly, when 92 MORE FM launched in Christchurch they played Boston’s ‘More than a feeling’… even though it didn’t fit with their ‘Not too heavy Not too soft’ format ~ they didn’t play it again for years to come.

When C93FM closed down (they ran a kind of metronome as a countdown) and relaunched as 93 GOLD, at least they played some music that reflected their brand… the second song they played was Martha & the Vandellas ‘Dancing in the Street’ ~ appropriate for celebrating the launch of a new station…

The first song they played was this one… which was right on message and format…

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The first songs played on stations that I know of:

Coast Rock FM Gosford (now SEA FM) - “Start Me Up” - Rolling Stones

NEW FM Newcastle - “It’s A Long Way To The Top” - AC/DC

2WS Sydney - “Blacktown Boogie” - Dragon


A couple that come to mind are

Radio 10 – Start Me Up - Rolling Stones

4ZZZ – Won’t Get Fooled Again - The Who

SEA FM (Gold Coast) started with a live performance by Jimmy Barnes & Friends.

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If we’re including on when AM stations converted to FM, here’s a couple of firsts after conversion below:

  • TTFM Melbourne (now KIIS) - “In The Air Tonight” Phil Collins
  • 2WS FM Sydney (now WSFM) - “Simply The Best” Tina Turner & Jimmy Barnes
  • One FM Penrith (now The Edge) - “The One” Elton John

And here’s the first songs played from some of the first commercial FM stations when they were launched in Australia back in 1980:

  • 2MMM Sydney - “The Spirit of Radio” Rush
  • EON FM Melbourne (now 3MMM) - “New Kid in Town” The Eagles
  • 96fm Perth - “FM (No Static at All)” Steely Dan

And also this one:

  • QFM Ipswich (now River 94.9) - “Baker Street” Gerry Rafferty

Can anyone remember what the first song for B105 was?

That’s great… thanks for all those… One FM was a good ‘one’ :slight_smile:

Plus, they followed it up with “One In a Million” by Euphoria, and then finishing the ‘one’ trifecta with “One” by U2.
In fact, you can listen to it here, credit to @Mechsta:

Meanwhile, I just thought of another ‘first’:

  • Vega 95.3 Sydney (now Smooth) - “Wavelength” Van Morrison

This is because Vega’s original positioner was “On Your Wavelength”, appropriately enough. :wink:

Wasnt Nova 969’s a Christine Anu song?

Not sure what the first full song was but B105 opened with a montage of songs related to recent history and especially change and choise. The first clip was Style Council – Walls Come Tumbling Down played to news reports of the Berlin Wall.

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Here’s a few first songs:

Fox FM: Breezin - George Benson
3LO (774 ABC Melbourne): La Boheme - Dame Nellie Melba
KIIS101.1 - Uptown Funk - Mark Ronson (Last Song on Mix 101.1 Bye Bye Bye NSync)
Classic Hits 3TT (previously 3DB): Listen to the Music - the Doobie Brothers (which was also the last song prior to TTFM)
Nova100: Frontier Psychiatrist - the Avalanches

So 3TT played it on AM as their last song… then relaunched with it as their first song as TT FM?

Listen to the Music was the last song on 3TT. In the air tonight was the first song on TTFM.

Smooth FM 91.5 & 95.3: Haven’t Met You Yet - Michael Buble

3MMM (converting from 3EON) - INXS, New Sensation

Magic 693 (3EE) – Perry Como, Magic Moments I can’t be certain but this might also have been the last song played before Magic 693 signed off a couple of hours before…

Magic 1278 (3EE) – Olivia Newton-John, Magic

2JJ – Skyhooks, You Just Like Me 'Cause I’m Good In Bed

3MP – Sherbet, Howzat! (also the last song played before 3MP signed off to become talk back station MTR)

B105’s first song was New Sensation by INXS
Nova 106.9 was Push The Button by The Chemical Brothers
2JJJ when converted to FM in 1980 was Gay Guys by Dugites
FM104 Brisbane I think was Cool Change by LRB

I’m not sure what 973’s official first song was.


I seem to recall KZFM’s first song was Auld Lang Syne, with the FM conversion taking place at 12.00am on 1 January 1990.

Your memory serves you correctly. Perry Como Magic Moments was curtainly the first and last song played on Magic 693 then a classic 693 jingle before the switch over.

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A Couple I know of from my neck of the woods.

NOW FM Moree, Rock And Roll Music - Mental As Anything May 19 1990
2GGG Gunnedah, One Headlight - Wallflowers September 17 1997


One Headlight?

Any significance behind that song, hat?

Not Really, Just one of the biggest radio songs at the time, We made sure that the first day was huge music wise.

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