Radio Data System (RDS)

And congratulations on making the 3,000th post in the RDS thread!

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This Flow FM outlet is a regular visitor on my drives down south, pops its head up south of Narrandera on the Newell and keeps you company until Edge FM Deni and the Shepparton stations come in a bit further south. Something to keep the mind occupied on one of the arguably most boring sections of that particular drive.


92.9 ABC Classic Sydney have restored their RT with usual dynamic RDS Text.
Surprisingly however new on this RDS service is RDS Clock Time (CT).
Unsurprising the CT isn’t accurate… :person_facepalming:


Triple J Goulburn has RDS… interesting when Wollongong has just switched theirs off… I wonder if this is an AF set up with Canberra only now?

No RDS on 89.5 Classic FM though.


You can see on the band scan posted yesterday that JJJ Sunny Coast has RDS.


Excellent video. 104.3 Mackay was a strong signal. Pity there was no 105.9 Cairns as the channel was clear. I assume 100.7 was just Toowoomba (not Townsville) as they were playing pop. 107.5 was probably Fraser Coast and not Mackay.

How about SUNSHINE 104.9 playing Katrina & The Waves :smiley:


98.7 Mackay was also on a good signal. 100.7 was a mixture of Toowoomba and Mt Dowe. 107.5 was Frazer Coast.


Was surprised there was little of 4JJJ Mackay on 99.5. Usually that’s a blaster via Es, stronger than 98.7.

2GLA GLFM must have changed it’s PI code past few months as the RDS is now decoding in vehicle. PI code for 2GLA was 002B which previously wouldn’t display RDS.

2EC Eden 105.5 might have the same PI code as FBi 94.5 - when listening to 2EC on 105.5 the tuner automatically switched to 94.5 FBi.


That’s interesting, I never had a problem with GLFM RDS PS name appearing even in my old Ford Focus, which was known for rejecting RDS with non conforming codes.

And yes, 2EC does use the same code as FBI, as the same thing happened me a few weeks ago near Billy’s Lookout just north of Gerringong when I tuned to 2EC 105.9.

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It was mentioned here a while back, that Coast FM Gosford had dropped CT & PTYN when we replaced the RDS encoder, I’ve put both back on as a test, if they continue to work okay I’ll probably leave them active.

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Yes it must have because I now have a preset 105.9 FBIRadio.

Power fm Upper Hunter and i98 are the same PI also.

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That one causes me a bit of grief when coming back to Newcastle from down Wollongong way, as News Radio from Gosford often prevents my car radio from getting a clean enough Power FM signal for it to detect/refresh the PS name and correct it from i98fm to POWER-FM

There’s a spot on the Putty Road from memory where i98 and Power FM Muswellbrook often clash. There may be some isolated areas in the NW Blue Mountains where this occurs as well.

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I think this is new… Connect FM 100.9 Bankstowm have changed their RDS from CONNECT to CONECTFM… not a fan, i prefer correct spelling fank ewe verry mucchly…

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Funny you should mention that.
Whilst out today, I tuned into 100.9 Connect FM &
thought something looked different with the RDS, but I couldn’t recall what.

Actually more that just the PS & RT has changed.
Connect FM have updated PTY from Pop Music to Culture.
Also they’ve massively boosted their RDS subcarrier level
from -43dB up to -25dB.

In other RDS news:

I can confirm that 107.5 2EAR have a PI code of 081B.
No RT. It has an AF of 102.9MHz
BTW 2EAR was listed as a mono transmission in the RDS list,
but they do transmit with a stereo pilot carrier.

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Last evening (Sun) during the huge coastal tropo duct I had partial RDS decodes of 104.5 2UUU Nowra over Star FM & 106.7 2ST Ulladulla. Enough to confirm PI codes, PTY & bits of RT/PS.
Also in the mix were good RDS decodes of Mt.Wandera’s Power FM, 2EC & 2EAR.
Perfect RDS decodes of Pulse 94.1.
Early in the evening Eden’s 2EC & Power FM were still in, but later signals weakened in the far south then stayed focused on the Batemans Bay to Illawara area & continued to move & strengthen in the Canberra/Goulburn area throughout the evening.
Late on Sunday evening I managed an RDS decode of 91.9 1WAY which now has RT (see RDS list).

On Saturday evening had coastal dx RDS decodes of the SCA stations from Port Macquarie, 2HD 97.5 & 101.5 GLFM, plus RDS decodes of Power FM & 2EC Eden.
Try as I might I couldn’t get a decode of reception from 104.7 2SEA Eden.
Signals from Mt Wandera weren’t in or too weak for RDS decodes.


Some RDS updates from the Sporting Capital of Australia.

106.7 3PBS

93.1 3SBSFM has made major changes to its RDS output since I last viewed its RDS output a couple of years ago. Although not clearly displayed in the image (below) the PS is dynamic; showing by line as:

91.5 Smooth FM has changed its PTY to None (PTY Code 0)


I think they prefer the ‘Culture Capital’.

But I’ll pay that description like a Collingwood free kick.