Radio Data System (RDS)

Good. Hope 103.2 sends the [CR] after the RT message like all Sydney High Powered FM community stations.

2MBS & FBi are the only two stations in Sydney that don’t provide RT.

I have a high BER with WSFM at my location, so RT isn’t very reliable. But there’s plenty
of other high powered stations with a combo of lower modulations & higher RDS injection levels that should provide good RDS RT decode possibilities, eg 2DAY, 2SBSFM, Smooth, ABC Classic etc.


PS Changes noted in Perth-
92.9 Triple M have gone to static PS - Triple M

And 6iX Rockingham have added a fullstop to their PS (now - 6iX.)

Wondering if anyone north of Perth can check the Waneroo 6iX transmitter to see if its the same as Rockingham.


Great :+1:
I’ve just included the changes in our group’s RDS List for you.
I also earlier corrected the alt. colour formatting on the ACT/NSW page.

Can I ask @Informer re Perth RDS.

  • Do you know of the PTY of 88.5 VCA?
  • And is 96.9 SBSFM using a PTYN? They were last noted outputting a Grp code 10A
    suggesting a PTYN in use. PTY last noted as Culture.

I’ll have to get back to you. My RDS SPY software only just works with strong signals at the moment.

For now, I can add PTYN for -
Hit 95.7 Bunbury - POPMUSIC
The Wave 91.7 Mandurah - GOLD.

SBS Perth is permanent signal at my place, still using group 10a. Will have to wait for some DX to catch VCA.


100.3 4BAY Brisbane has changed PI code to 4064 (ex 9999)


Also KIIS 97.3 Brisbane has changed its PTY to Culture

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Why O Why, actually I think I probably know why, someone at ARN doesn’t know RDS vey well & doesn’t know about the European RDS & US RBDS PTY codes & program types.

PTY Code 7 is Culture for RDS (Aus), but Adult Hits for RBDS (US).
ARN use Deva Broadcast DB4004 Monitor Receivers in most cases & they display the RBDS (US) PTY program types, so they probably think they’re transmitting a different Program Type to what they actually are.


I’d say your probably correct.
It was only a recent PTY change too, previously the PTY was Pop (PTY code 10).
Maybe a new technician or the new US equipment showed the US PTY of ‘Country’ & tech thought, oops how did that happen & incorrectly changed the PTY based on the US PTY, as you say.
There’s a lot to learn about RDS. It’s one of the reasons I included TAB #12 on our Aussie RDS List to display & explain the PTY codes & adopted usage in Australia etc.

BTW 4AAA 98.9 Brisbane has switched back to static PS.
How many times is it now that this station has flipped & flopped between static & dynamic PS?


It’s been many times now since it was first turned on. The static PS is welcome, with the artist-title info showing in Radiotext as it should.

And yes, KIIS having the same PTY as SBSRadio is rather amusing. Both appear as ‘Culture’ in my Mitsubishi. The other mainstream pop stations (Nova, B105) all have ‘Pop Music’ as 97.3 used to as well when it was still called that.