Radio Data System (RDS)

I think the lack of RDS is a common thing across the whole SRN/BOG network of regional FM stations, not just New FM. Of course I can’t speak for every FM station across the Super Radio Network, but all the ones I’ve come across so far don’t do RDS.

Do I agree that it’s pretty slack for this day and age? Yes. Do I think RDS will realistically be implemented on SRN/BOG regional stations anytime soon? Probably not.

Fixing the audio glitches on their Sydney DAB+ stations probably should be a bigger priority for the network, because that actually affects the listenability of their stations (yes, even moreso than the low bitrates) unlike the lack of RDS regionally.

Haha yeah I was there Friday through Monday in the Harbour room with the guys…

awesome, thanks so much for all of your help. Everything went relatively smoothly! :slight_smile:

Happy to help! Hopefully the phone issue has been resolved!

SRN dont have many techs and the ones they have are probably either that busy or dont care

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can you fly back down? Wasn’t working last night or this morning on either station in my cars - d’oh!

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Still nothing this arvo either.

KO’s RDS has disappeared completely, and Hit still has station name and positioner info only.

I’ll see what I can see remotely

thanks Mc!

I noticed on Wednesday it wasn’t there - I’ll email ya

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I am down in Melbourne for the week, and I find that only ONE of the metro wide community stations has RDS, that being “The Light” on 89.9. So nothing at all for 3SYN, 3ZZZ, 3RRR, 3MBS or 3PBS. I was expecting a bit more than that, when you consider in Sydney 2MBS, 2CBA and 2SER all do RDS.

At least the Melbourne suburban community stations do a bit better on this front. By no means a definitive list, have found RDS so far on 3WBC, 3JOY and 3SER, as reception limitations may be preventing more stations being detected.

From Geelong, only K-Rock seems to have RDS so far.

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Bay 93.9 did have RDS last time I checked (update: seems like it doesn’t any more)

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I know for a fact that 3NOW (98.9) has RDS, judging from the last time I was in Melbourne back in March when I tuned to the station.

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Weird, 3NOW is based not far from me but nothing on the SDR.

With K-Rock, no RDS from my location as well as 3WBC which is inaudible ,Bay 93.9 Never had RDS from my location.

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Triple M Melbourne has the Port Adelaide v Richmond game on FM, but the RDS display only gives the GWS v Geelong score… do they normally do this when 2 games are on at the same time?

Another thing I noticed down here in Melbourne is that 105.9 has the station name line alternating between ABC, Classic, FM whereas 92.9 in Sydney just has “Classic” as the static station name text.

triplej is the same in Syd and Melb.

Ok so driving around yesterday and KO and Hit both only had station and frequency, no now and next :frowning:

Just noticed that 92.7 MIX FM has slightly changed it’s RDS with the I now a lower case

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I’m stil seeing some RDS inconsistencies on the Port Macquarie and Kempsey TXs for HIT (2ROX) and Triple M (nee 2MC FM).

HIT on 102.3 and 105.1 both run the same RDS text, including Song info.
The inconsistency is that when no song is playing, the text is
Hit 102.3 - Hits and Old Skool
(105.1 doesn’t get a mention anywhere on either frequency)

On Triple M, it gets even more skewed
100.7 has station name text as MMM MNC
106.7 just has Triple M
But only 106.7 gets Song info text.
But when no song is playing, the text on both frequencies is:
100.7 Triple M - Home to Classic Hits
(again 106.7 doesn’t get a mention at all).
Go figure.

On the Coffs Harbour stations, there is

HIT105.5 station name text

But 106.3 has scrolling text for station name on 3 lines
Triple M

Both stations have Song info.

I just wanted to see how long it took for people to notice… I actually like it :stuck_out_tongue:

Think of that as a parting gift… Ive left Mix/Sea and am going to try to my hand at TV in Tasmania but nothing will ever make me lose my love for radio :slight_smile:


Good to see you dotted your i before you left… employers like correctness :blush:

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I hope their new engineer keeps the RDS up to date

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