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Has anyone been watching Race Across The World? As many people on here would know I’m a huge fan of The Amazing Race so I thought I’d give this show ago. Turns out there are very few similarities between the two shows, but RATW isn’t too bad. Five teams (now down to four) racing from London to Singapore via land and sea (no plane travel allowed). At the beginning of the race all teams were given the monetary equivalent of their airfare to Singapore and have to budget accordingly. Throughout the show the audience is shown how much money each team has left, and also the time difference between teams. Whereas TAR seems to go to more well known locations, the teams on RATW choose their own path of travel to each checkpoint, often travelling through some beautiful places I’ve never heard of.


Seven could potentially give a local version of this, since they seemingly love to jump on the bandwagon of other network’s successes.

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I really want to give this show a go. I just haven’t had time. I wish 10 had looked at this show rather than The Amazing Race. They went for the safe heritage brand rather than a fresh look.

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I really like it. Can see why it’s been such a success in the UK. Much more challenging than the Amazing Race.

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Didn’t the ABC so something named similar?

Has there been more than one season? I want to google it but I don’t want to accidentally find out who wins!

A lot less glamorous than TAR and no doubt some of the travel options would’ve been gruelling. All that time stuck on the Caspian Sea would’ve been horrific for someone like me who suffers from motion sickness!

In the Late 1990s, if I’m not mistaken.

One season so far - but they have been picked up for at least two more (one being a “Celebrity” edition)

The show isn’t doing well for Nine. The first episode got 299,00, second 250, 000. The rest didn’t make the top 20 with the third on 234,000. Demos have also been poor. I can’t see an Australian network showing any interest again.

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Shame because I enjoyed this show so much more than Ten’s version of The Amazing Race. At least it will be on in the UK for a while yet.

To be expected though in summer. With some promotion and Australian version could have done well. And at least it would have been something new rather than a heritage brand.

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Watched the first two episodes on 9Now. Really enjoyable. Much better than the Australian version of The Amazing Race. Although it would be great to have an Australian version I’m not sure how they could leave Australia on a budget of an airline ticket.

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Maybe they should get in touch with those people smugglers from Indonesia instead :crazy_face:

I enjoyed this show. Rather than challenges and U-turns, this was just five teams trying to make their way from London to Singapore with limited funds. I liked that they had to sign into a book at each checkpoint, which showed the time difference between teams.

The only thing I wasn’t sure about was the elimination of one team after the second leg. I assumed teams would be eliminated through the rest of the race but it turns out this was only done once. I may have missed something here but it didn’t really make sense.

I absolutely loved this show. As someone who has done a lot of travel I found it really interesting and reminded me of the lengths I’ve been to at times to get from place to place on a budget. It is a very different show to The Amazing Race and feels like it is presented in more of a documentary style. I’m glad it did well in the UK and has been renewed for 2 more seasons. Given this aired in the UK early last year hopefully the second season isn’t too far away.

It’s a risky show to do though as I could imagine there is a big chance that teams could seperate and fall behind quite considerably from others, so I was surprised after 5 weeks the teams ended up finishing the race less all within a 24 hour period. I also wonder how they will do it next season… if it will be the same path (London to Singapore) but with different check in points or will they try something different (e.g. Canada to South America or somewere like London to South Africa or something).

Yeah when that team got eliminated I thought there was going to be at least another elimination during the race but it never happened. It seemed unfair to only do it once especially given that there were teams (like the older couple) that checked in almost 2 days behind at one point but still ended up getting back in the lead. Next season I reckon they will either have a couple more teams with more eimination points or thye could go the other way and have less teams and have them go the whole way.

I don’t think they could’ve expected much more given it aired over summer and wasn’t on every week either. It was also almost 9 months old. I had the first 2 or 3 recorded and watched them, then downloaded the rest as Iwas keen to finish it off over the Christmas break.

Season 2 has started airing in the UK. This time the teams are travelling from Mexico City to Ushuaia, Argentina (the southern most tip of South America). So essentially it’s across central and South America.

I downloaded and watched tonight. I won’t spoil but just some thoughts It has a very different vibe to last season. Generally younger teams and the Latin American vibe feels very different. A lot more focus on sites and stuff too. I found it particularly interesting as two locations they visited I have been too (Antigua, Guatemala and Copan Ryinas, Hondurus). I am surprised they are going through these countries as they are quite confronting and not particularly safe. I did it on a tour so we steered clear of big cities and would never have imagined trying to do myself. Some places are really dangerous so I would hope they are avoiding particularly the capitals of Honduras and El Salvador. Should be a very interesting and different season.

I wonder if Nine will fasttrack this season with no NRL on Thursday nights for the foreseeable future?

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They should. I also noticed that this season is a little longer. According to the first episode there are going to be 7 stops along the way.

A third season was also planned to film this year but obviously has been halted from going into production due to the Coronavirus.

Aren’t travel shows on hold because no one can travel anyway much like Travel Guides might be in Q3?

The 2nd season was filmed before all this went down.

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