Queensland State Election - Media Coverage

A quick look back to the last election in Jan 2015.

Seven had The Shredder (that was barely seen) and interviews in the Election Taxi.

While Nine had “The Boot” and the 2nd largest election desk ever seen.





i think we can assume the following:

7 & 9 will have a panel of politcal hacks, with some new “revolution” showing dumped MP’s.

ABC will have good, balanced coverage and will be free from gimicks.

than sky will lean so far right i’ll need to chock my tv to stop it tipping

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Which was pretty similar to what happened in the Federal Election coverage last year.

Seven (and Nine this time) looking absolutely shocking, ABC the best, Sky lurching so far right that whoever’s sitting on the left will be launched off the balance beam and Ten not doing anything (other than updates) at all.

Cookie cutter election ads from ALP so far :roll_eyes:

Ad 1

Ad 2


heres the full video of the last advert.


pretty cookie cutter as said, linking newman and the current LNP.

Promo on the 7News Twitter feed for election night coverage shows Sharyn Ghidella, Michael Usher, Patrick Condren and Mark Riley as forming part of the coverage - with former premier Rob Borbidge and current minister Kate Jones also included. There was also shots of former Brisbane mayor Jim Soorley and LNP shadow minister Tim Mander in there, so they may also be involved despite not being named in the promo itself.

EDIT: Just noticed this was mentioned in the main 7News thread as well.


That’s usually the case for most Election coverage (state or federal) on Australian TV these days though, isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

With the retirement of veteran political reporter Laurie Oakes in August, Nine will probably fly Chris Uhlmann up North to present his first Election coverage (state or federal) since joining the network? Or do we think they’ll go for Lane Calcutt instead?

Of course, it probably goes without saying that Nine Queensland state political reporter Shane Doherty will have some role in their coverage.

New segment on 7News Queensland for the next few weeks while the campaign is going on - Patrick Condren with “The Week That Was” - the things the politicians would rather you don’t see.

Wasn’t Nine’s coverage last year pretty good (not to mention looking great in HD) while Seven was extremely vile.

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Yeah…to be fair, Nine’s election coverage (be it state or federal) is usually fairly good for commercial TV news standards.

It’ll be rather interesting to see if “Election 2017: Queensland Decides” is presented from the news set or in a different studio as the case was in 2015.

It will be presented from the Aldi, near Ayr, near Townsville :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: .


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Seven Brisbane and Queensland:

Saturday 25 November

Election night done right with results first and fast. Hosts Sharyn Ghidella and Michael Usher plus the Powerhouse Panel: Mark Riley, Pat Condren, Kate Jones, Rob Borbidge, Tim Mander and Jim Soorley.

05:00 PM Seven News Special: Queensland Decides 2017
06:00 PM Seven News
06:30 PM Seven News Special: Queensland Decides 2017


Are Seven going to have that stupid taxi again?

Why did they have it back in 2015 anyway? Nine had the superior coverage back then simply because there wasn’t any of the gimmicks other than ‘the boot’.

Nine’s coverage

05:00 PM Election 2017: Queensland Decides: Polls Close
06:00 PM Nine News
06:30 PM Election 2017: Queensland Decides: Live Results
09:00 PM Election 2017: Queensland Decides: Election Night Live

Join Nine News for Election 2017 Queensland Decides hosted by Andrew Lofthouse and Melissa Downes. Chris Uhlmann and Shane Doherty lead an expert panel breaking the results first.

Both Seven and Nine using “Queensland Decides”.


Nine’s election coverage follows the third day’s play of the first Ashes test at The Gabba. But given the final session often goes overtime (in this case stumps is at 5pm QLD time), will Nine’s Queensland Decides start right on time with the cricket overrun on 9Gem?