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All those issues are being covered by other programmes within ABC News. There’s no law saying QandA needs to cover any of those issues.


Silly response. I never said there was a “law” mandating that they do. This is when I know you like to stir the pot by picking apart my very legitimate posts regarding the ABC.

These issues are exactly what Q&A exists for. For them to be completely ignored this week is, as I say, so indulgent of the ABC.


It will be interesting to see the final transcript. I imagine a number of those topics will still be touched upon as they often are in other themed editions of Q&A.


Hmm, nothing in the SMH’s main headlines about last night’s Q&A. Usually they have a VERY prominent write up complete with television picture captions. Nothing seemed to be up last night either.

In fact, having checked the site out on Saturday too, they’ve been remarkably quiet in their coverage on the major decisions which came out of the Uluru convention. Wasn’t appearing in the main headlines either, with a small report or two in the Politics section much further down the page.

Usually they’d be all over this sort of thing. Not the outcome they wanted, perhaps? We were told for years by organisations like Fairfax how important “Indigenous recognition in the Constitution was”. Well, apparently so important that, er, Indigenous people said no thanks we don’t really want that.


Last week you were saying it was ‘indulgent’ of the ABC to be dedicating an entire episode of QandA to Aboriginal issues.

Now you’re saying Fairfax isn’t paying enough attention to the decisions of an Aboriginal convention.

I just don’t really know what to say.


Let me put it simply to you then:

Issue #1: Limited Q&A coverage by Fairfax
I’m saying that Fairfax usually slavishly recounts whatever occurs on Monday’s episode.
Conclusion: Fairfax probably agrees with me that the dedication of an entire episode was indulgent and not newsworthy.

However, then considering
Issue #2: Limited coverage by Fairfax of the Indigenous convention
I’m saying that Fairfax would usually be all over news like this - the lack of coverage is quite noticeable.
Conclusion: Fairfax is avoiding giving adequate prominence to the fact that Indigenous people themselves decided that “Indigenous recognition in the Constitution” was something they had no interest themselves in.


I find it offensive that you seek to group anything to do with “Aboriginals” as being the same thing.


Then you glossed over this:

Which was here, but missing from your cap.


Mind you, there’s normally a FB post and link to wake up to ubt that seems to be missing today.

http://www.theage.com.au/entertainment/tv-and-radio/qa-recap-indigenous-panel-unpack-referendum-conundrum-20170529-gwfx83.html[quote=“Frankie, post:206, topic:608”]
It will be interesting to see the final transcript. I imagine a number of those topics will still be touched upon as they often are in other themed editions of Q&A.

And zero covered, which to be honest isn’t a bad thing really given the nature of last night’s programme, mentions would have been tokenistic.



I very specifically said coverage of the Convention was largely missing from Fairfax’s main headlines.

The lack of PROMINENT coverage has been obvious as. As for the glitzy, artsy photo-journal you’ve pulled up, I’m not sure how you think that rebuts what I’ve said.


Tonight’s episode is filmed at Melbourne’s Docklands Studios with climate change, emission trading and energy supply among the topics. Chief Scientist Alan Finkel, Energy Minister Josh Frydenburg and Opposition Energy spokesman Mark Butler are among the guests. Although, why did the producers use an outdated Melbourne city skyline in the background?

Jeremy Fernandez will fill in for Tony Jones next week.


###Primatologist Jane Goodall returns to the Q&A panel

Monday, 19 June – 9.35pm on ABC, simulcast LIVE at 9:35pm (AEST) on iview, ABC NewsRadio & on the ABC NEWS channel

Joining guest host Jeremey Fernandez live in Sydney is:

  • Victorian Liberal Senator James Paterson

  • Shadow Minister for Human Services Linda Burney

  • Renowned primatologist Jane Goodall

  • Centre for Independent Studies research fellow Peter Kurti

  • Author and social innovator Rachel Botsman

Q&A is simulcast LIVE around the country on ABC TV, the ABC NEWS channel, ABC NewsRadio and iview. Australia Plus Television also broadcasts Q&A in to Asia and the Pacific.

Members of the public can: Register to be part of the Q&A LIVE studio audience at: abc.net.au/qanda Submit questions for the panel, also at: abc.net.au/qanda Contribute to the discussion via Q&A’s Twitter highlights feed, using #qanda Submit live questions via Twitter using #qanda and @qanda Follow @qanda on Twitter to receive first-hand updates about the program and panel members.

Q&A has already pioneered the use of Facebook Live and this year Q&A became the first Australian TV program streamed live on Periscope. Viewers can watch the program on Periscope through Twitter while following or joining the Twitter conversation, or watch and comment on Facebook – the choice is up to them.


This week’s panel are:
Alastair Campbell – Former Press Secretary to Tony Blair
Anna Greenberg – Pollster and Commentator
Christopher Pyne – Minister for Defence Industry
Clare O’Neil – Shadow Minister for Justice
Grahame Morris – Political strategist


Virginia Trioli is hosting tonight


The show is taking a break this week for no apparent reason, but it will be back next Monday.


Again? Seriously? How much longer is the ABC and Fairfax going to talk about this person and her CHOICE to head to the UK for a holiday?

Containing an opening sentence capturing the most stunning lack of awareness from Neil McMahon:

In case you were worried that modern Australia doesn’t make much sense to you any more, Monday night’s Q&A was here to provide some comfort: don’t worry, it doesn’t make much sense to anybody else either.

And the most ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC, EXTREME RIGHT-WING QUESTION they could possibly muster:

There was Roger French, who wanted to know: “In view of the fact that, in Australia, Muslim couples have a much higher birth rate than the rest of us, is it not possible that, in a couple of generations, Australia could have a Muslim majority who vote in Sharia law?”

The crowd groaned. On the panel, Mehdi Hasan answered with the verbal equivalent of a long, frustrated sigh.

This programme ALWAYS does this. It seeks out and approves questions designed to paint anything other than the left-wing panelists and audience it contains as extreme and bigoted. It is so transparent.

Then, a Nationals Senator makes a perfectly reasonable point:

In response, National Party senator Matt Canavan tried to have a bob each way.

“My experience with the vast bulk of Australians is we are very welcoming and harmonious people. On the whole. We’re not perfect. And there are some of us who are bigots and racists and we should condemn that behaviour. But… it cuts both ways. You shouldn’t be saying, ‘Oh, Australia is a bigoted place’ on the basis of a few people.”

And then he’s shot down for a BASIC STATEMENT OF COMMON SENSE because of his RACE, and Tony just brushes it aside:

Panellist Rachel Corbett pulled the senator up on this: “But that’s his life experience. You’re saying that as a white person sitting on a panel…”

Jones went back to Fahah Akhand in the audience: “Do you have personal experience of Islamophobia?”

Seriously, what the hell is Tony Jones doing when an actual Senator, answering questions on this programme is rebuffed on something he says because of his race? Why is he not moderating this programme? The programme IS CALLED Q&A; THE SENATOR IS THERE TO ANSWER QUESTIONS, NOT SIMPLY SIT BACK AND AGREE AT THE AMAZING WISDOM COMING FROM “NON-WHITE” PEOPLE IN THE AUDIENCE. How on earth does something this basic even need saying?

Jesus Christ this show needs the axe fast - or it needs a SERIOUS clean up in standards.


And I’m not saying this loopy, crazy sort of debate can’t take place - just allow the participants and its audience to self-fund it. Collaborate with Fairfax in its production, and watch it go down with that sinking ship.

That the ABC can put such a crazily left-wing POLITICAL programme on air each week is PATHETIC.


Q and A is probably the worst out of all right and left wing biased shows I have ever seen.

The fact is that these questions are selected before hand really annoys me and probably any questions relate to anything that critiques the left is also alarming. Censorship of what can be asked and what not can be asked. Hardly any questions about the current government.

Granted I did not see last nights episode but what is the issue with Muslim women Yasmin (who might add is a disrespectful to Australia and its war history) she’s gone to England . Non issue for me (if she stays there that’s even better) there are so much issues at the federal level to be discussed . But all that I see of q and a is self propagandist television show which should just be classified as entertainment.

Did the panelists discuss getting rid of the plastic bag bullshit ?


Totally agree ShadowDan!


Finally at least someone agrees with me on this :grinning: