PVR or Catch-Up Services

Do people still use a PVR to record free to air programs or are we using 7Plus, 9Now etc?

If I’m near the TV I’ll watch FTA on there, but usually I use catch-up services and record using the VLC software.

Yes, all the time. The PVR lets you skip all the ads. Catch Up services force you to watch the same adverts over and over again to great annoyance.


catch up

Got a Telstra T-Box 2 (going 10 years) and a Topfeild HD Masterpiece still going on 8 years. Got a TV Tuner Card in the PC with SichboPVR and a USB TV Tuner with the laptop. Foxtel and Telstra TV for catch-up and Netflix.

Same. I have heaps of series recordings set on my Fetch box. Yes, I could watch it on catchup, but I can fast forward the ads and skip parts etc. better than I can on catchup.

I still use my Panasonic PVR (which has a triple tuner) to tape programs, although I have also registered with 7plus and SBS on Demand (and soon 10 Play) to catch up on episodes I have forgotten to record.

Much better quality if you record the linear HD channels when the show is broadcast. And you can skip commercials, as others have said.

Catch up is too fiddly.

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PVR as required - I want the real broadcast experience (despite being much poorer than it used to be), not the hollow one you get watching online - although it is good the ads can’t be skipped on catch-up (revenue has to be generated to pay for it). Plus I know I have it available once broadcast, sometimes content can take time to be added to the catch-up site.

I have a fetch box with an in-built PVR and Catch-up service although I’ve been using the latter

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Does anyone know where I can get a cheap PVR? The cheapest one I found is 200 dollars.

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