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The last time WS did their “Easter Weekend of 1000 Classic Hits” countdown was back in 2006, which is exactly 10 years ago this year. 4KQ in Brisbane has been doing their “Easter Weekend of 1000 Classic Hits” countdown for so many years & looks likely to be doing one again this Easter.


I think the WSFM building in 2016 only has a total of 46 tracks in it. And three of them are Bryan Adam’s Summer of 69. This is what makes it more difficult for WSFM to do the Top 1000 countdown.

I would love the music variety that a 1000 song countdown would provide. That would be more “pure gold” than the current “pure repeat”.


I’m waiting for the time when a ‘1000 song’ countdown doesn’t come with the idea that each song is unique.


There was a ‘1000 song’ countdown on WS that took place in Easter of 2006 (the last such countdown for the station) where a song or two made it twice in a single countdown.

A couple of examples on that countdown:
“Need You Tonight” by INXS came in at #857 & #226
"Never Tear Us Apart" by INXS came in at #715 & #10

Unfortunately, the WS countdown list isn’t archived via archive.org, and even though I’ve managed to save it to PDF, I can’t upload it here as it’s not a supported file on this forum. :frowning:



I haven’t heard of that before !!! ???

How can the same song be in 2 places?


I’ve just found another double up on that 2006 countdown:

“When Tomorrow Comes” by Eurythmics came in at #155 & again at #101!! :eyes:

I think this proves how small WS’s playlist was in 2006.


That is RIDICULOUS !!!


If anyone here wanted music director how can we get the qualifications? :-). I am sure we have some good candidates here.

I would of thought having two songs in different places would be a sackable offence :-). Or at least a warning. Maybe it was like a promotion if you picked the mistake and you are the 10th caller you win a CD.

Come to think of it, its been a while since I heard be the “10th caller” and win a prize comp on radio.


They should have a “no repeat” guarantee with those countdowns.

It should be like consumer laws… It’s not as it was advertised, it’s not really a ‘countdown’ if they have the same song twice. We want our time back!


WS FM just ran a sweeper promoting that “they are at 101.7 on the FM band, on DAB+ Digital Radio, or via the iHeart Radio App anywhere in Australia”… no mention of 88.3/99.1 repeaters…

Thus I wonder how many of WS’s listeners in those repeater coverage areas know that they even exist?


My guess is very few people listen to 88.3/99.1 and that the vast majority of WSFM listeners tune into 101.7, DAB+ or the streaming on the website/app.


What do people think of Jo & Lehmo on GOLD breakfast?

I use to think Jo was brilliant on 1019 the Fox


The full countdown list can now be seen here: http://cdn.arn.com.au/media/7139767/workplace-500-countdown.pdf


Heard an ad on WSFM today.There is an 80’s show at 7pm(after J and A Afternoon Delight) where they highlight a certain year.
Cant find anything on their website about this show.


Would that mean every 10 days they would start from 1980 again?


It’s “80 minutes of the 80s” and it’s a varied selection from throughout the decade.

Mostly pretty safe stuff so far.

Have heard “Blue Monday” - New Order, “So Far Away” - Dire Straits, and now a slightly out there one, “Buffalo Stance” - Neneh Cherry


It is not often that you hear Neneh Cherry on Pure Repeats…sorry…Pure Gold WSFM.


4KQ has their annual

4KQ’s Easter Countdown of 1000 Classics

The Countdown is based entirely on chart history – the Brisbane Top charts of the 60s, 70s and 80s, compiled the same way a weekly Top 40 chart is.

Starting Tuesday.


Meanwhile in Sydney, WS is doing “Egg-cellent 80s” this Easter long weekend, playing nothing but 80s music.



Thus means WS and 2GO are having the same “theme” with the very same name over Easter.

Will certainly give both a listen.

Wonder if WS will trot out the same 600 songs they used last time.
I think I saved that list from their website somewhere…