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How terribly generic looking, prefer the old one.


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that train station is so half-arsed, it has six platforms in total and four of them are two-car platforms (the other two being six-car platforms), at a time when there’s six car trains coming in the next few years.


The six-car trains will replace the A-Series train that have been in Perth for more than 25 years now. I find that the C-Series train to be much quieter than the A-series and b-series trains.

The Australind Train will eventually be replaced. That railcar was in service for 30 years now. I have never been on the AUstralind Train before, but when I was at the Gosnells Train Station, 3 years ago, I heard that the sound was very loud. This train-car needs to be replaced as soon as possible.


I wonder if these signs are permanent?


They look it. I didn’t think the station codes would be that well known outside of railways and gunzels.


I can see the Hughesdale one being photographed a lot with peoples arms around it.


Though that might backfire if people do likewise when Frankston station gets one.


I had to Google their code to find that out!

Oh dear, whoever approved that one, that really is FKN bad. It should be FST or something like that.


Victorian’s will receive free public transport from 3am Christmas Day until 3am Boxing Day and from 6pm New Year’s Eve until 6am New Year’s Day.


Has been happening for over a decade now I think. I made the trip down to Bairnsdale one year when family were living there. Always popular with families who don’t celebrate Christmas getting out of town for the day for a trip and a picnic lunch. Southern Cross is insanely busy.


Bit different to QR two years ago who decided to cancel services on Christmas Day - without notice- due to a shortage of drivers.


The Herald Sun has obtained news pictures of what the Melbourne Metro Tunnel currently looks like ahead of the monster borers arriving this month.

I walked passed the Town Hall Station the other day and can’t believe how much work they have done.


Have the borers got names?


Can you post the pictures? The link is blocked.


Here are two pictures from the report.
Franklin Street site:

Parkville site:


Driverless trains began test runs on Sydney Metro Northwest line yesterday.


The Public Transport Victoria (PTV) website was relaunched at midnight (Melbourne time). Just came across the new look homepage but I will have come back at another time to navigate the new site.


Surprised it took them so long, the beta version has been on for a fair while now. I think the new site looks quite good actually.


Has anyone catch Transperth’s route 950, if so it’s been 5 years since its successful introduction on this day and still remains the frequent and busiest ever!


Looking forward to the day (probably still decades away sadly) when the route (well most of it) will become light rail.