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I await the day when all we have to do is flash our arses to pay for stuff thanks to the contactless chip embedded in our buttocks. :rofl:


The Greens’ pledge to upgrade Melbourne’s tram network over the next 10 years sounds promising.


Nice thought bubble, they’ll need a few more than their three assembly seats to get this up!



It won’t happen but did they even think about additional depot space? The E class trams are extremely long, more than double the length of the existing A and Z class trams they would replace. Do they want to put them on the depot roof?!


Now that you mention it, depot space will be an issue for new trams. At the moment, only Preston depot has the space to expand to store additional E class trams. Traditional depots like Kew, Camberwell, Caulfield South, Malvern and Moreland are located in residential areas and cannot be enlarged unless the Victorian Government acquire homes near the depots. Alternatively, new large size depots will have to be built to replace these smaller depots.


The Salvation Army, Launch Housing, Australian Red Cross and Asylum Seeker Resource Centre are among the 140 groups approved to distribute the passes.

Those groups will buy the discounted passes for $10.75 each for a weekly pass and $38.85 for a monthly ticket, then give them to the needy for free.

So not exactly what the headline implies…


Lee Lin Chin speaks Cantonese and Mandarin for part of these Station Link ads. A bit weird because I’ve never heard her speaking anything other than English…

(At the start and end of this one)

(At the end of this one)


It’s great to have Lee Lin Chin speaking in three languages telling the public about the changes to public transport in Sydney’s north west. Many Chinese work, study and live along the closed railway line especially in Chatswood.


Knox City Council in Melbourne’s outer east has proposed a three-stage rail and tram plan to serve the area, and has called for support from the political parties ahead of next month’s Victorian state election.

I fully support extending tram route 75 to Knox City (Westfield Knox), but taking it all the way to Upper Ferntree Gully is impractical, even if its purpose is to both replace bus route 732 (Box Hill - Upper FTG) which runs parallel with the tram route between Burwood and Knox City, and to relieve congestion on the Belgrave rail line. I would rather have buses running every 10 minutes between Knox City and Upper FTG during peak times.
Also, the tram extension to Upper Ferntree Gully and a new light rail route between Bayswater and Rowville along Mountain Highway and Stud Road will require a new depot to be built at Scoresby / Rowville area to store and maintain the additional trams. You can’t have trams travelling all the way to/from Camberwell depot due to the long distance.


Navel gazing by the local council, local government will never have much influence on public transport policy in this country outside of the likes of Bris/GC where the councils represent entire metro areas or special cases like Canberra/ACT.

Similar documents produced by councils in Perth tend to read as a wish list and have little semblance to plans that either lib/lab have produced for public transport.


I heard on Transperth that there will be industrial action being undertaken by bus operator, Transdev on Thursday and Friday. This will have a massive impact on bus routes that operate out of Transdev (aka Southern Coast Transit.). Perth CAT Buses will not operate during that time. However, bus routes that operate out of Swan and Path Transit will remain unaffected.


That was last week…

(and this week too, evidently)


Don’t get busted pretending to be a bus.


The shutdown was supposed to be done today and tomorrow but has been postponed to next weekend, which worsen the situation because a cricket test is on.
It is simply ridiculous. Why is it necessary to shut the entire suburban train system in Adelaide for one weekend just for construction of a building? Imagine suspending Melbourne’s suburban network for one weekend so construction can be done on top of Flinders Street station! There must be alternatives. For example, trains can simply bypass the CBD by going from one end of Adelaide to another (say Gawler to Noarlunga) with connecting buses at North Adelaide and Showground stations.


For a minute there, I thought you were talking about NSW. :stuck_out_tongue:#iworkfornsw


No they can’t bypass the city the Gaol Loop is no longer in service. They can terminate trains at stations close to the city though unless they are also doing work on their new signalling system as they have on most nights lately


Turns out they are using the weekend to move the train control centre from Adelaide CBD to Dry Creek in the city’s north. Without the central signalling system trains can’t run.


James Packer is expected to receive his new yacht in June. His sister Gretel has assumed ownership of the old one that belonged to Kerry Packer.


By posting it here, are you suggesting he’s going to operate it as a water taxi (Uber?) or something like that? :face_with_monocle: