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Outside of game days it appears to be service between Flinders Street and Richmond Station. Faster to get the train.


As public transport, arial cable cars are very inefficient, their only advantage is the shortcut taken to get up steep inclines. The loading unloading procedure is usually very time consuming with long lines. I don’t think I’ve neen able to board one of these in Europe or Asia in less than 25 minutes from arriving at the station. So I’m hard pressed to see the advantage here for a journey that many people are happy to walk, let alone take the tram or train.


It’s certainly a bizarre novelty attraction which tourists will use but locals won’t. A bit like the Sydney monorail.


We had cable cars proposed in Perth a couple years back between Kings Park and Elizabeth Quay but considering we have free circular bus routes in the CBD and a couple of inner suburbs it would so blatantly be a tourist attraction of little practical use.


Here’s my video of Transperth route 990 (Scarborogh Beach Bus Station to Perth Busport) filmed on 7/7/2018 using my phone (Samsung Galaxy Mega GT-I9152) that was mounted on a suction cup attached to the seat that i was sitting on.

In real time:

In time lapse:


Victorian Opposition Leader Matthew Guy announced this morning that if his party won this November’s state election, it would duplicate and electrify an 8km section of Stony Point Line between Frankston and Baxter in Melbourne’s south east, so trains currently terminating at Frankston will continue to run to Baxter. A new station would be built at Frankston East (presumably to replace the existing Leawarra Station nearby) to service Frankston Hospital and Monash University, while Langwarrin Station (which closed in 1981) would be rebuilt. The new Coalition Government would match the federal funding of $225 million.


I certainly welcome both major parties fighting to out-public transport eachother. Indeed if only so that hilarious photo of Guy pretending as if he’s ever used public transport before keeps getting printed.

That said, these kind of announcements need to be combined with projects to expand the platforms at all the stations along the line for high capacity metro trains and to replace the signalling. Making a rail line that is already overflowing by the time you get near the city longer might make people in Frankston happy, but it doesn’t help the overall network.

One new station that I think would make a huge amount of sense would be reopening Werribee Racecourse. They are planning a level crossing removal at Werribee St, which now almost never gets a train through it because of the building of the Regional Rail Link diverting Geelong trains away from that crossing.

Combining that with a few km of upgraded track and a new station would help to serve the huge demand in the growth areas around Wyndham Vale.

Hopefully the things being announced now means there’s bigger public transport projects to hit closer to the election.


Transperth has released an advertisement on Armadale Line train services stopping at Perth Stadium every weekends like how they do it for the Fremantle Line too in which they stop at Claremont Showgrounds.


This year has been a big year of Transperth with the opening of the Matagarup bridge. The Matagarup bridge will link from East Perth to Optus Stadium. The Route 661 Shuttle bus used to run from Elizabeth Quay to the Optus Stadium. But with the opening of the Bridge, they will run from Elizabeth Quay to East Perth in a CircleRoute direction (Both clockwise and anticlockwise) stopping at various stops including the Perth Busport.


I mean wouldn’t it be more logical to modify the Yellow/Red CAT routes, into a sorta ‘dueling dragons’ route as well as this set up on event days?

For the Red CAT:

  • Continue to run it through Nelson Cres/Ave up to the new stands, turning left on Nile St, then back onto Waterloo Cres (like the Yellow CAT) and resume current route.
  • Renumber & Rename Stop 1: WACA to Stop 30: Hale St
  • Create two new stops:
    31: Gloucester Park
    32: Matagarup Bridge
  • Repurpose Yellow CAT stop 6 as a Red CAT stop, 1: Nile Street

Yellow CAT

  • from Waterloo Crescent city bound - make a left turn on Nile Street, turn right on Nelson Ave/Cres, turn up Hale St (like the current Red CAT does) and turn left on Waterloo Cres to resume current route.
  • Create new stops
    4: Trafalgar Road
    5: Matagarup Bridge
    6: WACA
  • remove current stops 2: Royal Street Car Park and 35: Education Department as theres one across the road on the same route.
  • renumber stops 36, 1 and 3-5 as 35, 36, 1-3

On weekdays, both stops would be used by Trinity College in addition to their current school specials.


Sunday Herald Sun reports Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews will pledge to match the Federal Government’s $5 billion funding to build the railway line between Melbourne Airport and the CBD. The new line will start construction in 2022 and is planned to open in 2026, coinciding with the completion of the Metro Tunnel.

Although the airport rail line will finally be built, it will still be another 8 years before trains will run, and having the airport trains running along the Metro Tunnel could create a new bottleneck. Under the current plan, all Pakenham and Cranbourne line trains will travel across the city to join the Sunbury line, meaning up to 20 trains per hour could run between the CBD and Sunbury during peak times, a huge increase from the current 5-6 trains per hour. In 2026 the Sunbury line trains will have to share the same tracks with Airport line between Sunshine and the city, not to mention there could be also electrification of the Melton line between Melton and Sunshine. How will the Metro Tunnel be able to cope?


It’ll cope just fine. Remember that half of services to the western suburbs are meant to terminate at West Footscray, with Sunshine and Watergardens still receiving a 20 minute service.


Well i’m not really a Seven fan but here is a B7RLE (Volgren CR228L), registered as TP1667, with The House of Wellness as its rear ad.


Don’t you mean The House of Wellness? :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah I’ve just found that out.


I have also seen House of wellness ads placed on Mercedes Benz oc500le buses


The Victorian Government announced this morning that the South Morang line will be renamed Mernda line on Sunday, August 26, when trains begin to carry passengers on the newly built section between South Morang and Mernda. It will be the first time since 1948 when trains will travel from Flinders Street to Mernda. On the same day, new timetable will also begin on Werribee, Hurstbridge, Cranbourne and Pakenham lines.


I can recall that a few O405NH’s in Perth has the Nine News side billboard too.

And speaking of Perth, there is a community meeting into Metronet @ Willow Pond on 28/7/2018.


Labor today pledged to further upgrade the Hurstbridge rail line in Melbourne’s north east, if it wins November’s state election. Stage 2 of the upgrade will include a new Greensborough station, plus duplication between Greensborough and Montmorency and between Diamond Creek and Wattle Glen. Labor however won’t duplicate the track between Montmorency and Eltham. Instead it will upgrade the trestle bridge at Eltham, unlike the Coalition which has pledged to build a new rail bridge next to it. Why is that trestle bridge being kept? Given its age it has to be replaced one day, so why not do it now?


Caring so much about the ‘heritage’ of public transport infrastructure sucks. I have to use a shitty, falling apart station that has to have scaffolding added to it to hold some of the walls up, and has very poor accessibility - no stairs required, but a very steep slope to the platforms.

Or getting to Flinders Street, and needing to walk through absolutely filthy and ugly walkways because the grimy disgusting tiles on the wall are old. Southern Cross might feel ‘cold’ but it’s a much nicer place (other than the lack of central platform underpasses and bins) to wait for a train or make a connection.

I want my train to be clean, fast and reliable, not to go over a nice looking bridge from a heritage station.