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The Queensland Government today announced it will be working with current go card operator Cubic to develop a new payment system for SEQ and 18 locations across regional Queensland.

The main features of the new system will include the introduction new payment options, including contactless debit and credit cards, smartphones and wearables.

It will be rolled out over the next four years with system design and development being the focus of the first 18 months.


It least it was resolved by technicians. Meanwhile, a station staff need to what for them and guide traffic to the suitable deviation at Dorothy Street which has it opened but as the train stopped before that crossing, started to closed and proceed slowly through even on the departure.

This one was indeed. Again, trains here needed to be slow through the crossings even if its closed.


The level crossing by Ballarat station stays closed for a long time but there is a bridge one street away


This has happened in Melbourne at Essendon Station.
The bus I was on has a stop right after the railway crossing, but we were stuck on the bus for 10 minutes and the driver wouldn’t let us off. We missed 2 trains because of that.


This is why you don’t have fkn level crossings right next to platforms cc Victoria Street, Beckenham, Kenwick (these two are far the worst, one platform is north of the street, the other south of the street), Maddington and Oats Street.


Clayton Road, Clayton comes to mind… Now just removed


And just to let you know that there are 31 level crossings in the Transperth network. Joondalup and Mandurah Lines do not have level crossings. The Public Transport Authority is planning on removing the level crossings. Main St & Dorothy St are much closer to Gosnells Train Station and I believe that it should be time to remove these blackspots.


Very unique bells on that one, V/Line used to use Kensington as a turn back for Gippsland services in around 2013 when the RRL was being built. The set would go into Platform 2 and the gates would go up for around two minutes and then go back down when it was time to use the turnback to go back into the city, nowdays they use a new turnback at South Kensington.


Denny Avenue in Kelmscott is also one of them which left motorist looking around as they stop. Yes Main Street and Dorothy Street are both closer.

Kenwick has three tracks, the third one links to the freight line that runs alongside Roe Highway and the pedestrian maze closes for that one too even if there’s no train coming through, while Maddington is a bit further away from the main roads like Welshpool.


In a situation like that, you really should just call the police on the non-emergency number. They can send units out to detour traffic around the faulty gates and they can notify whoever is in charge of the level crossing that they need to fix it ASAP.


Maybe but there is a sign in blue to contact PTA WA for faults with the area code (Eg. A121) on the main distribution board cover at each railway crossing. Otherwise, the station staffs have already contacted PTA for this but your advise could be useful for crossings that aren’t near stations.


They are also going to remove the Oats St crossing as it was classified as the most dangerous spots. I have driven along Oats St and noticed that cars have gone past as the boom gates are beginning to be put down.


Maybe put a traffic light there like if it was at Wharf Street,Cannington despite that Oats Street isn’t a major road.


This is the final design of the Denny Ave level crossing removal. there have been about 150 crashes in the last 5 years. For me, I think that it is good riddance to level crossings. Next, they will get rid of the level crossing at Caledonian Avenue in Maylands and replace by a bridge along the Midland Line.


They could have got away with just closing the Caledonian Avenue crossing IMO rather than building an overpass, I feel the 7th Ave and Railway Pde bridges could cope with the traffic just fine.


The incident mentioned above happened again this afternoon and this time I contact the PTA WA for the level crossing faults on 1800 332 699. You will need to provide the location (Eg. Main Street,Gosnells) and/or the location code (Eg. A121) if you do something similar.

I think I’ve saw a similar one there.


A BTS look at rail announcers in Brisbane


Nine News Melbourne reported tonight that architect Robert Caulfield has proposed a new cable car system linking Flinders Street station, MCG, AAMI Park and the redeveloped Richmond station.


I bet Dan Andrews is laughing his head right now…


Well, Caulfield has submitted his cable car proposal to the Victorian Government, so Daniel Andrews will need to have a look.