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Anyone here tried Uber Pool?

If they can keep the prices permanently this low I’ll use it all the time…but I suspect it’s not sustainable in the long run.

I’ve already done 6 or 7 trips over the last week. About 50% of the trips I’ve done have been totally solo trips with no pick ups.


Melbourne’s public bus wage dispute has spread, with Transdev drivers joining their colleagues at CDC to take industrial action. As the result more than 70 routes will not run on Thursday. While almost every part of Melbourne (plus parts of Geelong and the whole Ballarat city) will be affected by the bus strike, the worst area to be hit is Doncaster / Templestowe region as bus is the only public transport mode available to travel to Melbourne CBD. I think it will again raise the call for a railway line to Doncaster, after the Greens pledged their support for Melbourne Metro 2 rail tunnel today. I think the tunnel at Clifton Hill needs to join both the Mernda line and the proposed Doncaster line.


This week (13th to 19th of August 2018) is National Rail Safety Week.

So messages like these says it all and

Not to mention about this ad too


The Armstrong Creek station idea is odd - all the previous proposals would have it as part of a Torquay branch line that would be after Marshall station, which would be a really bad split unless you’d run it as a Torquay to South Geelong shuttle service and make people change for Melbourne trains.

There’s a similar problem with Bendigo - with the Epsom and Eaglehawk stations both poorly serviced because of an already infrequent line branching at Bendigo’s main station.

The duplication is a good idea, but they will need a lot more trains and a lot more drivers if they are to achieve the service increases - the line alone won’t solve the problems.


I also think the duplication is a good idea but why only remove two level crossings between Geelong and Waurn Ponds - Fyans Street and Surf Coast Highway, given there are seven level crossings on the 11km section? The Victorian Government is making a huge mistake by not removing all the level crossings between Melton and Sunshine during the current Ballarat line duplication project, I am worried history will repeat itself.


Well for the Fyans Street crossing I think that’s basically because you couldn’t duplicate the line while leaving it in place - there’s just not enough room to put another track there, rather than a huge desire to eliminate the crossing.

Most of the other level crossings in the city would be very difficult to remove, and most of them you can just take a detour to avoid.


The McKillop St one is the worst but there’s no space to avoid it.


spent last weekend in melbourne. I stayed next to southern cross station and i have to say the trams make it so bloody easy to get around the city. I absolutly loved getting around on them - and the free tram zone was a huge bonus given that my hotel was in it.


The trams are a life saver in Melbourne. We had one right outside a Hotel room when we went in 2016. Was fucking heady, especially after a long day… :slight_smile:

What did you do and see in Melbourne mate? Anything stand out?

I’m off to Melbourne in December this time venturing out to Regional Victoria for a couple of those days. Heading to Portland to catch up with a mate, i’ve already booked a basic hotel room for the night and looks like i need to prepare for the train to Wallamaro (which is a few hours ride) and add a 3 hour bus coach ride to Portland. Can’t wait. :slight_smile:


Where’s Wallamaro?

I’ve never heard of it, couldn’t find it on Google or Apple Maps.


I think they fat fingered the keyboard when typing in Warrnambool.


I wondered if it was one of those train stops like Melbourne has that isn’t the suburb’s name eg. Alamein or Upfield.


Or Batman? That would be my favourite station name


Holy Cow!
Why take the train when you have the Batmobile?


Yeah you’d be quite right lol :joy:


I was mostly down for a wedding but I went to the footy on Friday night (Essendon v st Kilda at Etihad) which was a highlight (and I don’t even support either of those teams).

I had to go to sassafras for the wedding so i got a train to upper ferntree gully than an uber to the venue. Both ubers i took were great and worth the cash


It’s the first one out of the Geelong rail tunnel. To remove that level crossing, a new pair of rail tunnels will have to be built.


Make sure you take some winter clothing to Portland.15C maximum temperatures are common there in early summer. I love the climate there but it’s not for the heat lover. The town itself is pleasant with a good tourist tram. If you can, head out to Cape Bridgewater for some excellent coastal scenery and if you’re into DXing, South Australian FM stations are a dime a dozen (Adelaide, Port Lincoln, maybe even southern WA- Albany and Esperance- if you time it right).


Hey thanks for the suggestions I’m only really there to see my mate and walk around town but thanks though.


The Victorian Government has announced a underground suburban rail loop linking every rail line in Melbourne and the airport rail link.

The project is set to begin in 2022 with a 25 kilometre section from Cheltenham to Box Hill.