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Must be an election coming up lol.

50c makes some sense. if it was free people wouldn’t tag on and off, even if they were supposed to. it makes it hard to track any usage stats to track any affect of this


According to Public Transport Victoria website

From 9pm Friday 26 July to 5am Saturday 17 August, no trams will run (on Swanston Street) between Lincoln Square (Stop 3) and Melbourne Central Station (Stop 8).

According to Big Build website

Yarra Trams maintenance works will also take place in the city on routes 19, 57 and 59, with no trams between Flinders Street Station and Queen Victoria Market from Friday 30 August to Monday 16 September. During this time, Victoria Street will be closed to traffic in both directions between Therry and Peel streets, and Elizabeth Street will be closed to traffic in both directions between Therry and Queensberry streets.

So it looks like that the Victoria Street tram track upgrade works will be done in two stages, on the dates shown.

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Melbourne’s newest train station East Pakenham was officially opened by Victorian Premier Jacinta Allan today, with the first passenger services to start just after 4am tomorrow (Monday June 3). East Pakenham, which will be the new terminus of Pakenham line, is around 2km east of Pakenham station (which was also reopened today with a brand new building and platforms).

Further up Pakenham Line, works on removing the controversial Progress Street level crossing in Dandenong South will go ahead, after Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal last month dismissed application by two local businesses opposed to the project.

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I wonder if they’ll rename the line, or wait until the next stop to do so.

Or just finally transition to numbering/letters for the lines.

It’s bad calling something the “East Pakenham” line, when not all services go to the terminus. Having to know a bunch of intermediary stations to know if a train is your line or not really sucks.

Colours don’t help because they cover too many lines - if you get on a “dark blue” line service, a Glen Waverley train shares two stops in common with the rest of the services that are the same colour line.

So many cities you have simple stopping patterns and names, whereas in Melbourne a “limited express” can mean skipping one station, or skipping 8.


I like how the PTV app sorts the lines when looking at a station. It says “towards Belgrave” etc., which is useful to know that the train goes that way but then you can see that it only goes to Ringwood or Mitcham on the specific train below.

The train still goes to a Pakenham station. :wink:

But all things considered it’s probably not a dramatic enough of a change to be warranted. The Gawler line in Adelaide actually goes as far as Gawler Central, for example.


trains this morning were showing the destination boards as E. Packenham - i’m unsure what the PIDS were displaying


Each line on Perth’s train system has its own stopping patterns. Each pattern is given an alphabet (A, B, C etc) so it’s easy to remember.

In Sydney, the rolling display on PIDS shows the stations the next train will stop at. If your station is not on the list, you will know it’s a limited express.

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Well they normally say what the last station will be. I guess they can keep the line the same name and just have the extra stop on the destination. I’m sure not all trains will run to East anyway.

In the latest timetable, trains that normally originate or terminate at Pakenham will now do so at East Pakenham. Some trains will still terminate at Westall or Dandenong however.


As far as I’m aware, they are keeping the Pakenham line name. However, train and station platform PIDs will show East Pakenham.

Sort of similar to how the Ballarat line is still called that despite services terminating at Wendouree. The Geelong line is the same with South Geelong/Waurn Ponds.


If there is one direction that Melbourne should not be expanding in, it should be the Pakenham direction. East pakenham is so far away already.

I’ll save even more money when I use public transport soon when fares are only 50 cents👍here in QLD


I could of said the same about Sunbury, Werribee and Craigeburn when I lived in Pakenham. Catching the Train from my old work place in South Melbourne(Even when I worked in the CBD) to Pakenham was half and hour quicker than driving thru the Burnley Tunnel and along the Monash Car Park.

For a person who grown up in Pakenham and live there for 20 years, I do not like the idea to change it to the East Pakenham line. East Pakenham Station is in the Suburb of Pakenham so it should be the Pakenham Line unless extention of the Line go to Nar Nar Goon then you can change it.

East Pakenham is to really serve the Industrial Area and the Acre block to the North of the Station. Pakenham will be the main station for many year to come

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I think it’s been renamed - I was on a train today where the announcement started “Change here for East Pakenham….services”.

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Pending any changes, the line is slated to become the awkward ‘Sunshine to Dandenong line’ when the Metro Tunnel opens.

I’d rather PTV adopt a non-geographic name for each line, so you could more easily distinguish stopping patterns:


  • This is a Red Line service to Sunbury
  • This is a Wirraway Line service to East Pakenham


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