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Here we go again. :roll_eyes:

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Not sure if they really should complain, their system is much more better than transperths smart rider one!

Only until the end of the year when the infrastructure gets upgraded and NFC payments become supported.

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By comparison, I only have two real complaints about the Opal card system here in NSW

  • The card readers for tapping on/off are not reliable/sensitive enough… too often I get ‘Please try again’ on the display.

  • There is an inconsistent experience, with trains/trams, you have to tap on/off before and after you get on/off, but with buses, you have to tap on/off whilst on the bus. Would prefer it be the same across all - they could have card readers at the bus stop, but I guess would be a target for vandals since they don’t usually have CCTV cameras there.


Yikes… I think I may have to eat my original words , after reading this.

The Department of Transport and Planning said in an update published online at the weekend that it had endorsed a preferred route for a “possible” rail tunnel below Bourke Street in Docklands with a station between Wurundjeri Way and Harbour Esplanade, next to Marvel Stadium.

From Docklands, the rail tunnel would dip under the Yarra to Fishermans Bend with stations at the future Sandridge commercial and residential precinct, and the planned employment and research precinct at the old GM Holden site.

EDIT: link to the update added (it’s at the Fishermans Bend development website)


That is exciting, good to hear that project hasn’t been completely forgotten.
I’d think the docklands station would be much more useful on the other side of southern cross, in the CBD grid?

And I suspect the sandridge station would be dropped before final design, that area is already accessible to tram lines. And the other 2 stations are curiously well aligned.


I think the platforms of the proposed Fishermans Bend will have to be at least 17-20 m deep below ground level, to match the tunnels that will be drilled below the Yarra River shipping channel. That tunnel between Fishermans Bend and Newport will be the most difficult part of the project, as it must be well below the draught level (14m) of the shipping channel.

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Macdonaldtown train station in Sydney’s inner west has received $2.3 million to kick off a substantial makeover. The 146-year-old station will be redesigned including the addition of new ramps or lifts, with the potential for construction to begin in late-2025, subject to approvals and securing funding for the build.

Strike in Sydney today

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The case for HSR is only going to get stronger as time goes on.
When SYD-MEL is one of the busiest air routes on earth it shows the demand is there. Flying isn’t great for the environment either and this is only going to get more relevant in the future. A HSR route would also allow for more decentralisation, and could help the housing crisis by reducing the pressure on the metropolitan outskirts to take the brunt of population growth.

I know it’s still unlikely given that there is an aversion in this country to big ambitious infrastructure projects these days (just look at how the NBN was butchered), but one can dream.


I saw one of the new Brisbane Metro electric buses going for a test run around the city this morning.
It will be great when they’re operating,can’t wait to ride on one

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Does anyone know if the old part of the Central station (T4 section) is getting upgraded too? Seems to be left as is, despite the leaking roof causing spills on the tiles. It’s just one little section that can make the entire station look uniform and complete.

I know the new toilets are done but they are horrible - no toilet seats, dirty and the wash basins are metal - its like something you’d imagine as a prison toilet.

No funding at this time. It will require a new project to revitalise that remaining section, with the intercity grand concourse next in line to be rejuvenated. As for the toilet seats, you can blame ongoing vandalism for that outcome.

Thanks for the info! They never had toilet seats to begin with… so odd!

and won’t get any cheaper either so instead of just talk like the last 40 years or so they just need to get on with it!

Worst thing about governments these days, lack of vision and always just about the next election. For all it’s faults, at least the last government in NSW got some things started with the Metro projects. It’s not perfect but it will be a good thing for the long run.


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