Prison Break

Prison Break is set for a revival (season 5). It originally aired on Channel 7 from 2005-2009, but will air on Channel Ten in 2017. Does anyone have any idea when?

I’ve been re-watching it on Netflix and I wish they didn’t kill Bellick off, as I would of loved to have seen him in Season 5. He was one of my favourites! As was Mahone, who unfortunately won’t be part of the revival as the writers said they couldn’t fit him in. Everyone else seems to be returning - even Michael who died in season 4, so it will be interesting to see how they bring him back.

I think it starts in February in the US have no idea when Ten will air it, or if they even will. I hope they put it on ONE or Eleven because it wont rate well and I would rather a consitent slot.

3 weeks to go until Prison Break airs in the US, yet nothing from Ch10 here…
Hopefully they show it!!

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They should fast track it to 8:30pm on ONE on Wednesday nights starting April 5.

Followed by a replay on Ten each week at 10:30pm for those that want it in HD. Anything slower than this and viewers will just find other ways to watch the show.

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I don’t think the network has the rights anymore, as David at TV Tonight thinks that they onsold it to Foxtel

Stupid if true. It may not be a huge hit but it’s a known property, unlike the other Bull they’ve been pedalling in prime timeslots.

The original series is on Netflix too, so has no doubt found new viewers that didn’t see it first time around.

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I think it will get quite a few viewers to be honest. It is in the top 5 viewed shows on NetFlix (I think) and it’s popularity has grown since it last aired in Australia. I think that if it was advertised it would be a hit, more of a hit than other shows Ten has aired in recent times including Bull and TBL.

I really can’t see that happening. It had really dropped off in its final season here.

The X Files has just about been the only revived show that has done well. Everything else flops.

Ten is prepared to make fans wait it seems…


The longer they wait the less ratings it will get. Dumb move. Viewers are just going to find other ways to watch it (if someone does have another way let me know :joy::laughing:)

Why not premiere it on TenPlay day & date with the US.

Then depending on us ratings Ten can run it on air when appropriate.

The TenPlay audience would be the same as the illegal download audience. And at least this way Ten owns it and monetizes the die hard fans

WTF? It’s not as though the rest of its schedule is performing.

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I just don’t get why they don’t just put it on ONE.

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Agree! Fast track it to ‘One’.

lol. Sell it now Ten.

Another show that is guaranteed to fail due to slow tracking. Fast tracking it might fail too but at least there’s a chance of success.

they could show it as a part of their “True Crime Tuesday” line up. But then again they could show it at 8.30 Mondays, instead of movie repeats

If it’s a hit they’ll probably burn all the episodes in doubles on a Monday. If it’s a flop. See you af Foxtel. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

“Fictional” is the word you’re after


It has to premiere LIVE in line with the US on One during the day, followed by an 8:30pm primetime catch up on One.

The 8:30pm episode should be heavily plugged on the main channel and should be scheduled to start at exactly the same time as This Is Us so that viewers can migrate across if interested.