Prison Break

Prison Break season 5 begins in a couple of days in the US. Does anyone know how we can watch it here?

Could’ve been rushed into ten stupid schedule as an event or something. Might garner some sort of buzz and it only goes for 7 episodesz

Don’t be silly cmo. Between modern family and Jamie Oliver repeats, there’s just no room in their high performing schedule for an unproven quantity like Prison Break.


I’m not sure I’ll be able to wait for a network to show it. It could be the biggest show of the season.

Had to have a chuckle when reading this. :grin:

You really do have to wonder if Ten are run by a bunch of monkeys or something (I’m being a little harsh on monkeys I know :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:).

Ten’s comments that it is going to wait and see how Prison Break does in the US before showing it here is nothing short of insanity. Ten is in dire need of content at this point in time. Why hold onto a show that could potentially do okay? Even if it rates around 400k, that’s better than three-quarters of the current programs in Ten’s current schedule.

I’ll be sourcing the show elsewhere.


The first five minutes of episode 1 was released on Facebook yesterday (you can watch it here)

So Ten do still have the rights to this? Surely since they dumped TBL they would want to be rushing this on air with their empty schedule.

Hopefully they launch it straight after Easter with like a double episode or something.

Still waiting…

Don’t hold your breath. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Oh mate it’s such a joke. It’s 2017 and they have 3 channels. How they can’t air it along side the US is beyond me.

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I know. They could have at least put it on One or Eleven and they have dragged This is US out so long too. They are only up to episode 11 and the first season finished 14th of March in the US. If Ten dont take any more breaks or double up episodes they will finish the season June 21st. Over three months after the US, hopeless.

Ten said they would wait to see how the show rated in the US before making a decision on scheduling, comical considering Ten has so little to offer at the moment so even if it flopped it would probably do better than 90% of the current schedule. Unfortunately, after a pretty strong premiere the ratings are declining rather rapidly.

There have been 3 episodes so far and I’m really enjoying it.

24 and Homeland suggest otherwise.

Expect to see it on Foxtel then.

Premieres May 15. Assume after paying attention.


Saw the same promo tonight. Looks good.

It’s really good!

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