Prime7 & GWN7 Local News


The official montage has just been uploaded to the GWN7 NEWS YouTube channel


Story shown at the end of the bulletin about the changes:


Just realised a lot of the wall in the main shot is actually made up of venetian blinds…


Yeah, I think some of it overlooks a main road.

I think the newsroom set looks quite nice and a local news first? They just need to make a few tweaks here and there. Some suggestions include some coloured lighting around the set like @RegionalTV successfully did and/or blinds that have graphics printed on them like Sunrise had in 2004 with the clouds.
Then for the screens behind Noel maybe have 7mate or something on rather than a weather map that is still and instead of any black computer monitors have the logo on them.


Printed blinds with portions of the red local news set from Prime would look good. They could even get away with plain red blinds and project a large GWN7 logo over them like Ten Sydney’s studio only much smaller and sharper. Perfect for an ‘office by day, studio by night’ operation.

Totally agree.


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@WAtvVideos On TV, do they not have the red GWN7 logo in the bottom right corner as a bug/watermark during the bulletin/updates?

For Prime7 they do, but the bug is never present on the YouTube uploads.


The set beats WIN’s greenscreen horrorshow.

The graphics are worse than WIN’s if not the worst in the developed world.


No they do not.


Maybe when Prime7 eventually moves to new studio facilities in Canberra sometime in the coming years, they’ll adopt a GWN7-style newsroom set? Although somehow, I think that’d work better for Daniel Gibson’s “national” 6.30pm bulletin than the 6pm editions of Prime7 Local News.

Personally I think Prime7/GWN7 News had great On-Air Presentation in the 2013-14 era (before the launch of the 6.30pm bulletin and everything else) - possibly even better graphics than what Seven News Sydney were using at the time.

The current and obviously in-house produced graphics aren’t that great though. Why couldn’t Prime just ask Seven to do a customised version of the current Seven News graphics for Prime7/GWN7 Local News and call it a day? That would probably look 50 times more professional than what they’re using now!


Even though Prime7 & GWN7 basically use Seven’s On-Air Presentation for general programing with their own logo. Can’t see why doing something similar for news is a totally unviable option…


For some reason they don’t. The PRG logo on all channels is missing since yesterday also.


When it comes to graphics, reversioning and adapting an existing design is always far far cheaper than designing and building from scratch

It would have cost less to pay Seven’s design team to build out 5 additional “prime7 local news” opening titles in 7s look, than it cost prime to design a new one from the ground up

That is a certainty.

The only difference is perhaps to pay Seven would have been “real” money. Where as using an in house graphics team already at Prime is a cost already assumed.


And it begins…


Some Modifications to the V/O of GWN7 News as well as more OTS graphics and a cross to weather graphic seen at (9:29)


Judging by the YouTube uploads, the Wagga bulletin is using the updated titlecard as of tonight (old version was still used on Monday & Tuesday):


The logo has appeared on tonight’s bulletin:


Montage of tonight’s bulletin:


An improvement, since the first V/O from Craig is like a clear format copy from Prime7.


hmmm I kinda liked the original voice over, it had authority, but I still like the US-styled opener. I think the theme and this VO (along with the words and manner it’s delivered) fits this theme better than Seven’s. I wouldn’t mind the ‘Seven News at Six’ thing they had going on a few years ago to come back - it would certainly fit in with this.