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With Madelaine Collignon now on holidays until mid-January (from what I saw at the end of the Xmas Eve bulletins), Kenny Heatley is now filling in her roles as Northern NSW newsreader and Southern NSW weather presenter.

Tonight at least, Craig Moore presented Northern NSW and (I presume) 6.30pm weather.

Daniel Gibson is still presenting news/sport at 6.30pm and of course, Freya Cole is reading the Southern NSW News/Sport as usual because she had her holidays (Natalie Forrest filled in for her at that time) just before Christmas.

Natalie Forrest has been doing reports for Seven News for the past couple of days.

Can Daniel Gibson decide if he is the serious newsreader we’re expected to believe he is, or if he is going to be the supposedly funny weatherman. Because he sucks at both. And yes, I can say that with some credibility as I’ve had a year of watching Prime7 News with him at 6.30. He is not a credible serious newsreader at all.

Yeah, I noticed that last week. My guess is that she’s just filling in for Mark Riley/Tim Lester while they’re on holidays, although I definitely think Nat could make it in a major metro market if she really wanted to! :smile:

To be quite honest, I’m not sure why Daniel Gibson was appointed to be a newsreader of the 6.30pm bulletin. It’s also quite odd how he still presents Weather Updates in non-bulletin regions.

In any case, the presenter isn’t the main problem with Prime7 News at 6.30pm. How about showing some of those reports from Kathleen Curry (Prime7 Sydney reporter, mainly covers general NSW politics perhaps with some sort of generic regional flavour) during the 6.30pm rather than the local bulletins? That way, the 6.30pm bulletin might look just a little less like a condensed and Prime7-ised Seven News Sydney!

Prime7 News is all over the shop with presenters.
They really need to get a dedicated weather presenter and just have them do it all, none of this half weather half news presenter roster going on.



Whatever happened to Matt Macklin? He used to read the Prime7 updates

I believe he is a political media advisor type now according to his twitter


Thank you :slight_smile:

What’s the good of a local news service when they get it so hopelessly wrong and can’t be up-to-date… Breaking news in the state Seven News bulletin at 6pm tonight informed us a truck driver feared dead in a fiery crash near Hamilton in Victoria’s south west had been found alive on farming property near the site of the incident… 7.30 local news update contained none of this, instead telling us that two people died including the truckie. I’m guessing our updates at 8.30 and 10.30 will tell us the same… By that stage it is getting embarrassing. I understand the resources only stretch so far and they probably didn’t have staff about when this broke at 5.30pm or 6pm but surely someone in the control room could just flick a switch so regional viewers get the very up-to-date information on the odd occasion and take a state-wide update. It is not that hard!!!

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If Nat eventually goes to Seven News (which we all know is highly unlikely), who do you think would be a good replacement for her as news update presenter?

Surely is she was going to 7, it would have happened years ago.
I doubt they’re throwing cash her way to lure her over.

Daniel Gibson would be the most familiar presenter to Prime7 News viewers. Probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to give their younger presenters a go, although all the promising young talents always end up in the metro before long.

Doesn’t Michael Hammond usually present news updates when Natalie Forrest is away?

Although in any case, Prime7’s presenter roster is quite odd. For example, Daniel Gibson presents both the “national” 6.30pm bulletin and Weather updates in regions without full bulletins while Madelaine Collignon presents the news/sport on the Northern NSW bulletins and Weather on the Southern NSW bulletins. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t understand the logic in that…

I think so. There was a guy named Kenny filling in on Thursday or Friday IIRC

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Most likely to be Kenny Heatley, he usually presents the weather forecasts on the Northern NSW bulletins!

Yeah, can’t imagine there’s too many presenters named Kenny on the Prime7 payroll

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