Prime7 and GWN7

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And 5 (with a geriatric Malcolm Macdowell - think O’ Lucky Man or A Clockwork Orange) is unwatchable!


They seem to like using ‘hit series’ for the description, then changing it to imaginative titles such as ‘hit comedy series’, ‘hit crime series’ etc :smirk:

When I worked for Prime, Rosemary & Thyme was described as “British mystery” or similar. I thought it should have been “horticultural homicide” but they went with “gardening detectives”.


Where? Those taglines look like plain taglines/slogans for the film, not an actual subtitle.


As I wrote:


Still not an add-on to the title though…


I never wrote that it was. Just pointing out that Prime didn’t make it up.


Prime7 News Wagga

18 mins ·

TRANSMISSION ISSUE: Mt Ulandra (Wagga Wagga). ETA for technicians to attend transmitter site is 2100hrs. Refer to Prime7 for further updates.

Issues with the Wagga Wagga transmitter.


Update on the Mt Ulandra transmitter…

Prime7 News Wagga

2 hrs ·

PRIME7 viewers across the Riverina lost signal on Saturday night, after 2 men damaged the network transmitter at Mount Ulandra.

They were captured on CCTV forcing entry and smashing equipment, which led to the shutdown at around 7.30pm.

Anyone who recognises either of the men should contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000 or Wagga Police.

The signal should be back to normal, but if not fixed automatically, viewers are advised to rescan their channels.


CCTV footage of the people responsible.


Have seen a couple of cricket/summer sponsor billboards airing on Prime’s multichannels tonight. Features a voiceover from the usual guy saying the sponsor name and something about ‘supporting the cricket and other programming.’

It had someone bowling a cricket ball in the background with the Prime7 logo down the bottom, didn’t look too bad (seen worse) but it certainly had that regional cheapness!

A metro 7Mate sponsor billboard also slipped through a short time ago.


Two words that often go hand in hand!
This applies equally across television and radio.


Saw another one of these ‘summer’ sponsor billboards, this time with some people who look to be eating food on a table, real compelling stuff here! Certainly not something that would be seen on metro TV, perhaps to fill some sort of required quota for regional TV?

The voiceover said ‘Proud sponsors of Prime7’s summer of sport and entertainment’. It was a local sponsor as well, so it would be a different sponsor for each feed. However, another one yesterday had KFC as a sponsor.

May be a pointless post to some, but I thought that I might report on it.


Prime7 ID:


Shame no inclusion of Prime7’s Local News at National News teams


GWN7 …


Doopa Dog:




Saw a Prime7 lineup today. Previously we talked about the “It’s bad news for bad boys, again” thing, but Prime are making up their own subnames or just using the main character’s actress. Wreck-It-Ralph is on tonight and the slogan was two words that started with S and ended with “Heroes”.


They’re almost always a brief description of the show/film, or the name of the lead actor for films.


Interesting how I’m not the only one who’s noticed this, brought this up some weeks back. No real issue with Prime providing such add ons, but to me also it looked they way it was placed and stylised was an alternate name or title to the film. Anyway Bort further explained so that is that. :slight_smile:


Eight years tomorrow since Prime started duel branding with 7, that has gone quick!


Why would anyone want to vandalise a TV transmitter? Imagine someone smashing the transmitter at Mount Dandenong east of Melbourne…


It seems Prime’s deal with Seven will expire on June 30, 2019. Hopefully we’ll go into a situation akin to what WIN did in December 2015 (6 months to match with SC10’s) for them to match up with WIN and Nine (SCA)? Or would Seven like to buy Prime’s NSW/ACT/VIC/WA stations?