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Illawarra Bulletin:


Loved this era of Prime, great presentation for the time, nice and clean!


Yes I remember this time. It was not a bad little effort my prime back in the days. This was when they had updates throughout the day.

What Seven News theme was used as a theme song during this era?

The 1990s version was used for bulletins and updates, but those who received the mandated news updates from 2004 got the club remix version


Central West Bulletin- Friday 18/5/2001


While you often find interesting things on old VHS tapes, the 18/5/2001 Prime News Central West surely has to be the find of 2021 (so far at least)?!

Gee I didn’t know Aldi made it into the Central West of NSW as early as 2001. And you know you’re in the country when there’s a livestock market report during the local TV news! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a pity @Zacgb has since left the forums though - I reckon he would’ve loved to see this.


What a great find - are you going to upload the whole bulletin in the near future? :slight_smile:


Yeah. I’ll be posting it next month as a #OnThisDay upload. :slight_smile:



Man, what a wild coincidence. Today has been the first day on these forums in over 3 months. I had accidentally clicked on Media Spy when tidying up my search history, I was logged out and viewing the site as a guest, decided to lurk around, clicked on the first thread I saw and came across this stunning gem - I just had to log back in one last time! One of the reasons I joined all those years back was to find some footage of Prime Orange - during this era too! Thanks @SydneyCityTV and @Zampakid!

I believe the Aldi store shown is my local store in Bathurst. The last cap is maybe Lithgow Hospital?

I may have to stick around for a bit! I can’t wait!


Just did a quick Google on the presenter. I vaguely remember him, he may have left in the early to mid 2000’s? Sadly, as of 2017, he is homeless.


Sacked in Early May 2002, apparently not long after money was spend on billboards with John Lloyd-Green and then-Sports Presenter Chris Kimball (the latter of whom was appointed to the role in August 2001 and lasted a year or so there, these days the Gold Coast-based Reporting Quality Advisor for ABC Regional):

John Kerrison (later at ABC Adelaide, Nine Sydney & Sky News, now Director of Communications & Social Media in the NSW Public Service) succeeded Lloyd-Green as the presenter of Prime News Central West, as per this press release.


Central West Bulletin - 18/5/2001


I think the “Racing Tips” segment with Alan “Jock” Gollogly might’ve been one which aired on all Prime News bulletins of the time.

Nicolas Boot (the reporter who filed the final story in that bulletin) is probably most infamous these days for his work on Today Tonight in February 2007 where they reported that an elderly woman was living chained to her nursing home room, but it was later revealed that the chains were brought there by the TT crew for visual effect! Boot was later suspended for that report while the internet tells me he’s since moved on from television journalism to another career with integrity, real estate!


Awesome stuff!

The reporter filing the Bathurst Aldi story, Cheryl Rogers, would later go on to marry Grant Denyer. Both are currently living in Bathurst and remain very active within the community.

Some great footage of the interior of Bathurst City Centre (Stockland Bathurst 2004-2018, Armarda Bathurst 2018-present) prior to its 2003/04 renovation in that same story.

Great stuff @Zampakid


Yeah, known as Chezzi Denyer these days.

Although wasn’t Grant also a reporter at Prime Television for a while before moving onto bigger and better things?

Yep, Grant was a reporter for Prime in Wagga

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