Pooch Perfect

Pooch Perfect


Dog lovers unite as Seven searches for Australia’s top pooch stylist

Channel Seven today announced award-winning Hollywood actress and proud former junior dog handler, REBEL WILSON , will host its new competition dog styling series, POOCH PERFECT.

The Hustle and Bridesmaids star grew up with many dogs and is excited to revisit the professional dog world in her new hosting role.

Rebel says: “My childhood was full of weekend adventures at dog shows all around Australia and my family had a business selling pet products out of a caravan - such as leads, treats and the best dog styling equipment available.

“This show with Seven is going to be a ton of fun and showcase some amazing dogs and dog lovers. Technically I’m allergic to dogs though…so hopefully they can edit around my sneezing!”

Commenting on the announcement, Seven’s Director of Network Programming, Angus Ross, says: “Rebel has a fantastic energy, great timing, the sharpest wit and like many Australians, she loves dogs. With her passion, humour and insight, she’s a great host for this entertaining and heart-warming series.”

With 38% of households owning dogs, Australians are finely tuned to the needs of their four-legged furry friends. From winter coats to car seats, doggy daycare to dietary needs, dog owners are prioritising their pet’s care, comfort and wellbeing.

As a result, the dog styling industry is booming, and man’s best friend has never been so well pampered.

Currently in pre-production, the series will feature ten professional dog stylists from around the country competing in a series of themed challenges revealing epic transformations of beloved pets.

The winner – who will take home $100,000 in prize money - will be determined by a panel of the industry’s top judges who will critique the overall styling.

POOCH PERFECT is a Seven Studios production for Channel Seven and will premiere in 2020.

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They must have hired Rebel for the pun in the title alone.

Thats a big name hire for something that could be a dogs breakfast of a show


Interesting career move.

And rivetting format. Why is it people are not watching FTA anymore? :thinking:


I have a feeling this show might do ok for seven.

So. Random

Hopefully if this show doesn’t do well, it won’t ruin Rebel’s brand. A while ago, I did think that she would have been a better judge on AGT (like David Walliams on the British version). Funny and witty.

Funny that some are saying that but are critical of 7 not doing things different. Sevens most successful shows have been about animals. I really do think this is a good move and a good choice of host.

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I don’t watch 7 so this show does not appeal to me in the slightest. You are correct that they are trying something different - but you cannot deny that a show about pooches + Rebel Wilson is not random.

It is random but a lot of shows have probably seemed random before airing as well. Spinning chairs and singers, masked singers, a show about cooking was even considered random at one point. Sometimes the most random show becomes the most successful one. To be honest I don’t watch 7 either and this show probably doesn’t appeal to me but its the type of move most have been crying out for 7 to do. And it beats other shows they are doing that rip of Ninja Warrior and Lego Masters.

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Yikes, Clearly Rebel’s days in Hollywood are over if she’s doing this. Can’t say I’m surprised considering the dirty laundry that the Bauer Media case aired, even if she did end up winning it.

Besides the point though, I think this is a pretty good concept, should do reasonably well.

Hardly think so. She has been starring in a string of movies and has more coming up. More likely she’s just taking any bit of work she gets, if the money is worth it.

Just saw her in the movie “Isn’t It Romantic”. It was a lot better than the promos suggested and some really funny scenes and dialogue in it.

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First promo debuted tonight during Zumbo’s Just Desserts.

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Actually during the cricket this arvo in Brisbane. Looks cute


Trailer is really good, though the show is pretty standard version of masterchef with dogs

Surprise surprise :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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You’re not supposed to cook them. :stuck_out_tongue:

Strange comparison isn’t it?