Plate Of Origin

Plate of Origin

Announced at the 2020 Upfonts.

In 2020, food superstars Matt Preston and Gary Mehigan join Manu Feildel for PLATE OF ORIGIN. Launching with the power of the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, this international cooking competition will be on a scale that Australia has never seen before; reaching not just every corner of this country but also overseas. Showcasing teams of diverse cultural backgrounds who are passionate about their unique cuisine, this worldwide food fight will pit cuisine against cuisine, plate against plate, cook against cook. Which cuisine will reign supreme? This is the Olympics of cooking with a truly global flavour. Let the flames begin.


Manu again? How many shows does he have to be involved in? :weary:

Wait til you find out he’ll be commentating BBL games as well as being involved in a Home & Away love triangle!

And The Real Full Monty: Blokes and Sheilas edition.

Really liked the cheeky stab at 10 in the upfront preso “Gardening Leave” hahah.

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I’m sure that Ten’s newly sassy press release writers are cooking up their own sick burn as we speak.

Where is George Calombaris? It is strange its Matt, Gary and Manu. I thought it would be Matt. Gary and George.

Apparently George had a longer contract with Ten than Gary and Matt did. Mid year 2020 compared to end of 2019.

Might have been the perfect excuse Seven had for not including him. George has said he is concentrating on his restaurant business including opening two restaurants (one overseas).

Sounds like they’re trying to kill off Masterchef? This will air before it?

That will depend on when Gary and Matt’s existing contracts with 10 expire.

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I don’t think so. Looks like it will air after the olympics.

It’s rumoured to be airing in August after the Olympics. That’s why I don’t think Big Brother will also air in August because both are set for the 7:30 timeslot.

If Big Brother is pre recorded it is possible it will only air 2 nights a week. So they could air together.

Big Brother becomes cheaper the more episodes you have, so it doesn’t make any sense. And nowhere in the world does Big Brother air 2 nights a week, might as well not air it at all.

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Well there was talks of a 20 episode run. And by the looks of it it looked very survivor like. So it just wouldn’t surprise me if 7 went down that path. But who knows.

I am not saying that is what I want just floating out ideas of what could be in 7’s mind.

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The BB Facebook page is promoting it as coming soon to 7 and August is not ‘soon’. So who knows what’s happening at this point.

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That doesn’t mean it isn’t coming in August though.

I wonder if this will rate better because it has the judges from Ch 10 , hope not.

Because they are from 10?

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