Parental Guidance

I don’t think so. “Parental Guidance” was a good play on the phrase. I’m annoyed by so many shows and movies using “The” in the title. It’s generic and boring.


First promo for the new season aired tonight during Lego Masters, featuring a family who lives on a farm.

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After last year’s

it seems that they left out a few.


I think they make these parenting styles up to suit the network.

You mean to tell me, reality show producers just make stuff up? :open_mouth:


I guess initially when I saw it I though the season was more documentary but I guess you’re right it’s just another trashy type reality show .

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It’s going to be more snd more like MAFS for families.

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While there is no such thing as the perfect parent, Parental Guidance will determine the parenting style that comes close when it returns for another thought-provoking season to ignite nationwide conversations on Monday, June 5, at 7.30pm on Channel 9 and 9Now.

Building upon the phenomenal success of its first season, Parental Guidance returns with 12 new parenting styles with remarkably distinctive methods and unique approaches to parenting. The diverse range of parents will take centre stage to be unpacked, judged and scrutinised under the guidance of returning dynamic duo Ally Langdon, the esteemed host of A Current Affair, and Dr Justin Coulson, one of Australia’s most trusted parenting experts.

Each set of parents will get a taste of their own medicine when it comes to report-card results as their approach to parenting is reviewed, reacted to and discussed on the Parents’ Lounge, ultimately leading to a vote for Australia’s best style.

Faced with more tough challenges that are grounded in real-life scenarios – such as navigating the dark side of online gaming and the internet, posing for the picture-perfect family photo, defending yourself against a bully, or discussing the birds and the bees – the outcomes are authentic, joyful and shocking. From Outback to Influencer, Unstructured to Honest, Spiritual to Stage, each parenting style’s strengths and weaknesses are laid bare.

Prepared for the good, bad and ugly side of all kinds of parenthood, Ally Langdon said: “Parenting is like treading water while juggling – just when you think you’ve got the hang of it, another ball gets thrown into the mix!

“That’s why this show is so important and such a privilege to be a part of, because not only do we get the opportunity to witness some incredible people raise awesome kids, we all get to learn a thing or ten along the way.”

Dr Coulson, who outside of helping families raise strong, caring children is a father to six daughters, said: “There’s something really special about the connection between a family unit, so I’m excited to see how these twelve different dynamics respond when being put to the test.

“The beauty of this environment is that it’s safe and controlled, which allows us all to arm ourselves with knowledge and a strong sense of responsibility ahead of these scenarios playing out in real time.”

Parental Guidance is produced by Eureka Productions for the 9Network.

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This is not a show that belongs right in the middle of the ratings season. Belongs in December and January as filler.

This show well and truly needs me to host and give an opinion. :rofl:

There are some parents who need their kids removed from them, and followed up with castration.

There are some kids who should be castrated now so that their defective genes are not passed on because they are shit human beings.

I’m right and you lot know it. I’m doing my bit by not breeding. :rofl:

I’d watch you just for the LOLs.

But you would learn. I’ve seen what shitty parenting leads to - shitty kids.

I’m Wanking for the World’s Benefit™. :rofl:

Season 2 final is on Tuesday 20 June.

Looks like they’ve figured out that 9 episodes last season was overload and trimmed it down to 6 for everyone’s benefits.

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Yes, trimmed down to seven episodes.

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I feel like the parents are told to overact with their facial expressions like they do on MAFS. Is it filmed in the same building ad MAFS?

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“It’s not a competition” sure - that’s why there’s a grand finale.


Has it been pushed to 8pm due to lower ratings?

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