Paramount Australia & New Zealand

Have thought this for a while, the press release when he was announced as returning to 10 said they would work on projects for him at the network and Paramount+ but nothing has eventuated.

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I’ve always thought that US show extreme makeover would be a good fit for ten. Both the people version and the home edition. And I notice it is just being rebooted in the US as well

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Damian Barrett raised the idea on The Sounding Board this week that Eddie McGuire and Craig Hutchison should join forces to purchase Channel 10.

Not a bad idea, both Eddie and Craig have the credentials and know what is required to run a successful business and on-air operation. Surely Ten would be run better under Australian operators.


Damian Barrett is a sycophant.

SEN nearly went under last year, but you’d never know it listening to their propaganda podcast.



10 won’t be gutsy enough to try this after Changing Rooms flopped all those years ago.

How many fringe AM licences would Hutchy need to sell to buy 10?