Paramount Australia & New Zealand

It comes down to 3 things

10’s 25-54 entertainment offering between 7.30pm and 10.30pm is tied for number 2

it comes down to


Nothing in AU works between 5-7pm except game shows and 7/9 news

unless they invest hundreds of millions into 5-730pm and sports - they will be number 3

and even if they invest that 100s of millions. it would take years to se results.

And if they invest hundreds of millions - they would prog cease being profitable.

So, its no so simple is it?


But the budget Para gives 10 to run on would be relevent to market size and projected possible returns.

Not as commercial competitor for add revenue but it’s definitely taking potential audiences numbers away from Paramount and 10.

And yes 10 is the 4th placed network for audience numbers. People are choosing the ABC over 10s current underperforming programs.

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your thinking is out-dated. people that would watch 10 are not watching ABC. They are on Youtube and Netflix.

There is not much crossover between ABC and 10 audiences.

ABC is the third most watched network because its audience skews veery old - as do linear viewers.

10’s viewers are not on ABC. Like Love Islands viewers are not on Nine.

Theoretically, if Paramount did put Ten up for sale, could Seven or Nine buy it?

I really doubt it.
What’s valuable is some 10 IPs

Celebrity, Goggle, Masterchef, Masked etc.

Someone would want those. Not the network

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the only realistic buyer for the network would be News Corp/Foxtel, which would be horrible if they got their hands on it. Murdoch has enough power as it is


Sorry but your thinking is about 5 years out dated. This statement is very 2016.

They can’t own a second network


That’s really what I was asking - thanks for clarifying

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Exactly - 10 have more viewers where it matters, in the key demos where advertising is sold. ABC only really beat them in total people, with an older average audience age.

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Meanwhile at 10 HQ…


Uh oh, bongo…


Mumbrella’s Nathan Jolly spoke to Marco Nobili, EVP and international GM of Paramount+, and Beverley McGarvey, head of streaming and regional lead for Australia and New Zealand, and recently appointed president of Network 10, about the company’s local direction and strategy.

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Not really any new information, but the Skydance Paramount acquisition is back in the media.

Unfortunately the article is paywalled.


Two main points from the article:

A Network Ten spokesperson declined to comment. However, network executives – speaking anonymously due to the ongoing negotiations – said they considered Ellison’s merger proposal to be a positive one that could leave Paramount’s Australian assets in a strong position. A successful deal would also firm up the content pipelines for Paramount’s free and paid services locally, they said.

Meanwhile, another potential suitor, HBO-owner Warner Bros Discovery, freed itself up this week. It had been in the middle of a two-year period of restrictions on merger and acquisition activity after its recent merging of Discovery and WarnerMedia in 2022.


That article overlooks the crucial detail that, should Skydance|Redbird|KKR prove successful, Ellison has explicitly mentioned in US media that Paramount’s International division, including 10, would be divested post-merger, along with assets such as BET. Additionally, he has articulated his intention to integrate Paramount+ with either NBCUniversal’s Peacock or WBD’s Max to ‘preserve’ the service in the event of a deal being finalized.

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