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It’s Russell Crowe who just found out and tweeted it. Delta said “Oh you just heard the news?” haha!!

Neither of them would actually read this rubbish or any gossip rag for that matter. They’re both taking the piss out of the ridiculousness of all their stories.

When will people realise they are an absolute joke and give them the flick?


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A ‘special investigation’ by New Idea late last year claimed to have found Patrick McDermott, who is Olivia Newton-John’s long lost missing ex-boyfriend. But the claimed photo evidence of McDermott in Mexico is actually of a Canadian man and his wife on holidays. More crap from Seven West Media. A similar fake story was in The National Enquirer, however they do very occasionally, like once a year, have the odd truthful story, unlike New Idea.


I’d say there’s not much difference in either these days.


New Idea editor Frances Sheen has resigned for family reasons.


Former Marie Claire editor Jackie Frank is leaving Pacific Magazines on March 16, after 23 years with the publisher.


That is big news. Frank is a true survivor. Times must be tough if she leaves.


Jackie did not leave because times were tough. According to The Sunday Telegraph (paywall) yesterday, she reluctantly quit after a power struggle at the top.


Thanks, very interesting. Guess they didn’t want to retain her.

Speaks volumes to let go a person with her experience



But she only became editor of Who Weekly six months ago.

Is Editor of New Idea considered to be a promotion? In my eyes it’s less prestigious even though it does have a bigger circulation.


According to the article she will still be Editor In Chief for Who


Did they have Editors across multiple magazines in the past? Or is this a recent thing with the decline of magazines, in general?


Who is rubbish, has been since Seven got it from Time. It’s not much better than New Idea.


Don’t know but probably becoming a necessity as the magazine market shrinks


Who has improved in the last six months but New Idea is utter rubbish.

Fifi Box called them out again for a cover story New Idea are running this week where she has been romantically linked to Russell Crowe.

Fifi said that her actual boyfriend was not happy about that and also, she has never actually met Russell. :joy: Now that’s the sort of rubbish that needs to stop.


Just did a bit of a google search on Fifi and it is quite hilarious what fake news they report.






Sad thing is that people buy this stuff


The new editor of Who magazine is Keshnee Kemp, who has been editor of Cosmopolitan for just over a year. She will start her new role on June 4.


Interesting name, where is it from?

And he is?