Optus Sport


By all accounts convincing Optus to go satellite delivery is difficult as well


Looks like Optus wants to keep digging:


Forced laughter from bloke on right with silly white shoes and no socks + a comedy schtick that looks like it’s straight out of the 80’s.

What’s next? (pun intended)

Con the fruiterer tomorrow?


He did a corporate video for one of our suppliers just last week. Very cringeworthy in 2018.


Optus have apparently earned themselves a new name over the streaming debacle - Floptus.





At this stage you’d think they’d end up giving the few knockout games they have exclusively left to SBS as well.


I’ve always called em Crocktus


What do you call Telstra then?




How lucky we are in this country then to have Floptus, Hellstra and Vodaphoney as our 3 major carriers.


I wonder what we’ll start calling TPG Mobile when they launch their own network.




Toilet Paper Guys?


Good one, I had heard of Vodafail before.


What on earth and where did this come from ??? :joy:


When you have the broadcast rights for the biggest sporting event on the planet and things don’t really go to plan…


1996 ARL Grand Final


I personally thought that presentation was done during the 1995 ARL Grand Final, since Optus Vision launched just five days before the game.


It was the 1995 Australian Rugby League Grand Final (the last ever tobacco Sponsored Rugby League event in Australia, the ARL Kangaroos would be sponsored by the same company during the 1995 Rugby League World Cup) between the Manly Warringah Sea Eagles (ARL establishment side) & the Sydney Bulldogs (Super League backed side, during 1995 to 1996 the Canterbury-Bankstown Bulldogs were known as the Sydney Bulldogs and in 1995 there home ground was Concord Oval), the Bulldogs won on the day 17-4, the half time entertainment was the Optus Vision (4:3 ratio) TV blowing up and causing half-time to go on for 15 minutes.