Optus Sport


Optus Sport has launched. I have 10 HD Optus Sports channels on the Fetch box (channels 113 and 980 to 989).

Station bug in the top right:




Best of luck to Optus. I’m rooting for them purely because I hate the monopoly of Fox Sports.


this will be the third time we had “Optus Sports”, previously:
(1) Optus managed the “Sports Australia” channel in the early days of Optus Vision in the mid-90s, they had an AFL channel as well. It eventually closed and C7 Sports (division of Seven Network Holdings) took them over.
(2) After C7 closed, Optus re-branded and re-transmitted the Fox Sports channels on Optus Vision, as “Optus Sports 1” and “Optus Sports 2”.


So do they actually have other sports?


Optus at the moment has rights to soccer (EPL and International Champions Cup) only, but I think its aim is to get its hands on other sports over time.


Wow so at the moment they’re just a soccer channel with two competitions. That’s a recipe for success right there!


They have a bunch of European leagues as well IIRC.


wanna take bets on how long until they are on the foxtel platform? my gut instinct is that by the middle of next year they will be on the foxtel platform selling access independently (like setanta used to)


Really? beIN Sports have rights to La Liga, Serie A, Ligue 1 and Bundesliga, that’s four of the biggest soccer leagues in Europe. Perhaps Optus is going to show smaller competitions like Scottish Premiership, Dutch Eredivisie and Jupiler Pro League in Belgium?


oh crap, I had them confused. You are correct they have those leagues.


I think you might be right. I’m hoping for that as a casual viewer of the EPL who won’t pay Optus a dime.

But that logo is horribly ugly! What were they thinking with that flouro blue!?


They have the online rights to cricket Australia when games are played in Australia or on nine network. So expect to see the cricket on one of these channels come summer


So simulcasting Nine’s coverage and commentary?


No, perhaps highlights of the day’s play at tests, one day internationals and Twenty20 internationals. Fox Sports used to show the highlights until they lost the BBL rights to Ten then decided not to renew the contract with Cricket Australia.


Ok, my bet is they wont - I’m putting money on Optus walking away before

If they have, they’ve been very quiet about it and they will be some pretty lower level leagues


Isn’t that just a deal to allow Optus customers free access to CA’s paid streaming service through a sponsorship arrangement rather than broadcast rights like they have with the EPL though?


Live stream of Optus Sport 1 via website. Perfect picture quality with less than 3 weeks before the new season kicks off


The new season of English Premier League started tonight, with new watermark and new graphics (no mention of Barclays’ spread eagle logo from previous seasons). The problem is that the Optus Sport website does not have a TV schedule for the channel, so apart from live EPL matches, we don’t know when regular programs like news and analysis will be shown during the week.


LIVE watermark. Seems to me they copied the + from Fox Sports


Info graphic

Their coverage imo has been bit better than Fox Sports. Least you see highlights and goals from other matches instead of focusing on one match.