Optus Sport


Lots of social media complaints about constant buffering and the stream dropping out during World Cup coverage…


On Day 2 the stream on the laptop (using Firefox) was going well until it kept asking me to resolve a non existent issue relating to the browser, non existent because it was working well even if a little choppy at times.


Optus is looking to bid for the broadcast rights to the top tier soccer competitions in Germany, Italy, Spain and France, and is reportedly in the lead to win the Champions League rights.


Might want to fix the issues they are currently facing pretty quickly then!


i’m really suprised optus sport is not on foxtel on the same terms setanta are


Now they’re dropped the whole “you must be an optus customer” it would make sense


If they stopped their obsession with online only and got on with broadcast TV (terrestrial or pay TV), these problems would not be big problem it currently is without any diversity of carriage.


Given that Optus was a rival to FOXTEL with their Optus Vision service, there is probably some resistance or reluctance about letting Optus onto the FOXTEL platform.


Given the current World Cup broadcast debacle, Optus should fix up its infrastructure before bidding for more sports.


Then why did Optus carry Foxtel on their HFC services :laughing::laughing:


Optus vision went downhill when the sports channels were sold to Channel Seven and became C7 losing pretty much every exclusive sport they had. Then the lost exclusivity to MTV, ESPN and the movie channels. In the first decade of pay TV in Australia, Optus was the superior network. I guess they carried Foxtel to hang on to subscribers and get something rather than nothing.


Optus Sport direct-to-home by satellite is a thing, but it’s never advertised and well hidden.




Optus were eyeing cricket rights too before Foxtel saved the day


Thank heavens for Foxtel then, it would have been a disaster if Optus got the Cricket rights.


If some of the BBL and Tests were on Optus Sports like the WC, fans would’ve been outraged.


This streaming issue has even made the ticker news scroll on Channel News Asia here in Singapore!


Probably due to the fact that Optus is owned by Singtel.


Equally a joke. Foxtel save nothing. Only contribution is to a moribund pay tv sector, killed off by their desperation for consolidation.