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That “+” symbol rectangle is part of Optus’ new branding, but I can see where your coming from.


A few upset people, mostly due to a 1 minute delay, a poor quality picture and dropouts. #optusout is trending.



Yes there has been lots of complaints from disgruntled fans on Twitter on Optus’ EPL coverage, mainly on picture quality and no signal. Expect the complaints to increase as the season continues.


@ADstv You must be joking! Worst coverage ever! Bad quality streaming, system breaking down or no coverage at all. Sad day this mob got the EPL rights in Australia. I only have it because a friend gave me their details. Such a difference in quality from watching the MUTV channel on Foxtel to the crap Optus is serving up. They just can’t cope with it and need to go begging cap in hand for a stand alone channel on Fox Sports. It’s going to be a long three years for EPL fans!


I changed my mind after last night. It was crap. I had issue after issue. I rather it back on Fox Sports. The only way I can this being fixed is if Optus Sport comes to the Foxtel platform. Even the jerky picture and cutouts was annoying me. Glad I wasn’t paying extra to watch this. I even checked a online stream and the online stream was 45 seconds ahead of Optus Sport. Seriously WTF!


May not be working properly, but it’s absurd seeing people demand it return to Fox Sports. That’s not how rights deal works, there is a good argument that Optus Sports should perhaps be carried by Foxtel, but their anti-competitive monopolistic attitude to channels run by other operators isn’t going to make that likely.


Presumably it would be impossible for Optus to add their sport channels to Optus TV featuring Foxtel™??


The advantages of terrestrial TV broadcasts over streaming are endless when you consider how shit internet speeds are in Australia.



So far so good with my Optus EPL experience. Can record matches on Fetch Mighty


Herald Sun reports disgruntled soccer fans have lodged a complaint with the ACCC on Optus’ poor EPL coverage, and Optus will launch a new app upgrade this week.


Isn’t this just another whinge article from an upset news.ldt that lost the rights? Its amazing what happens when news.ldt are on the wrong end of the sports right. Suck it up fox sports.

I have said before, the quality of the product isn’t the issue, it’s Australia’s third world internet coverage that is.


Just another News Corp anti-Optus brigade protecting Fox Sports/Foxtel from losing sports rights.

I personally enjoy the Optus coverage and tune into the 27/7 PL channel when there’s nothing on to watch. So far, so good for me.


News Corp - fair and balanced

Has the Optus EPL experiment been a failure?

IT’S been over three months since Optus launched its exclusive streaming service for the English Premier League but has the surprise gamble paid off for the telco?

Aside from continued anger about having to pay for another expensive subscription to gain access to games, technical issues have also dogged the launch of the streaming service.


News Corp reporting a way for disgruntled Optus customers to watch the EPL on the Murdoch owned Star Sports.


I’m sure they’d scream blue murder if another media outlet suggested its readers get a VPN and take out an HBO Now subscription to watch Game of Thrones.


[quote]Optus has announced customers can now watch cricket action – including Test matches, ODIs in Australia, BBL and T20 internationals in Australia – this summer with the introduction of a cricket-dedicated 24/7 Optus Sport channel. " … with the freedom to watch a range of live matches on the go.”



Optus will show all matches of next year’s Confederations Cup soccer from Russia, as part of the content sharing deal with SBS. Australia (Asian champion) has been placed on group B alongside world champions Germany, Chile and the winner of 2017 Africa Cup of Nations. The Socceroos’ first match will be against Germany on June 19 in Sochi. They will then play African champion on June 22 in St Petersburg and Chile in Moscow on June 25.


The cricket channel has apparently started.


It’s been on-air since the beginning of November