Operation: Live


Now they can call it Operation and advertise it with a picture of the boardgame hahaha


No matter what the scenario, the show won’t be shown live. As the promos indicate it will be recorded in ‘real time’ but not shown live.


Will someone call the ACCC? This is deceptive and misleading advertising! We don’t see much of that do we


Well that’s bullshit. Either do it live or don’t bother. Plenty of operations and births on youtube.


Erine Bougasa is expected to give birth on tonight’s first episode. The caesarian birth will be filmed at Sydney’s Mater Hospital later today before the TV broadcast.


Exactly. It was never going to be “live to air”.


Didn’t realise it was going to be a caesarian . Still not a show I’d watch. Be interesting to see what the ratings are.




Today really need to stop this.

They’re not having the best week. Enough focusing on Seven and what they do! They need to focus on repairing their own show.


So fucking childish. Don’t get me wrong both Seven and Nine do this shit but it’s just cringeworthy.

The irony is that was right around the time that they were first starting to bleed viewers to Sunrise.


One wonders what Steve Liebmann and Tracy Grimshaw was thinking at the time as well, probably along the lines of ‘Why TF am I doing this shit?’


Recorded at 2pm.


Mediawatch’s Mediabyte’s take on Operation: Prerecorded.

From 1:30 it includes vision of what was the first birth shown on Australian TV in 2003 and it was live.