Operation: Live


I’d hope so. Who’d want to watch someone die???


New promo featuring Dr Nikki Stamp began airing today during Seven’s cricket coverage.



I will not be watching.


Neither will I.

Hopefully the show will also be airing in a later evening timeslot, because live open heart surgery isn’t exactly the type of thing you’d be want to be watching on TV over dinner…


It will have to be a minimum three hour show for a heart bypass, but almost certainly longer if the entire operation is shown.


The Sunday Telegraph reports today that the show will air open-heart surgery and a baby born by caesarean section in real-time from Sydney’s St Vincent’s and Mater hospitals next month, but surgeons fear the pressure of live recording of operations could be distracting and increase risk for patients.


Premieres Sunday week (February 10) at 9pm after My Kitchen Rules, according to a new promo aired tonight during innings break of the BBL match. It was a combined promo on the final instant restaurant of group 1 of MKR, and Operation Live.


Late Sunday night - seems an inconvenient time for those involved to be performing operations.


Many operations are performed at late night aren’t they?


Emergency surgery happens day and night. These would be planned surgeries and scheduled for that specific time.


These aren’t emergency surgeries. Elective surgeries aren’t usually planned for 9-11pm on a Sunday night.


Isn’t it a case of the operation being recorded live, not necessarily aired live?


That’s a possible scenario.


There have been mentions of it being a “real time” operation so that could be right.


Seven has advised that the second episode, featuring an open heart surgery, has been delayed.



Australian TV first – baby born in real time in Seven’s OPERATION: LIVE

Dr Nikki Stamp, Dr Steven Tan and Dr Guy Skinner to feature in OPERATION: LIVE hosted by Melissa Doyle

For the first time on Australian television, OPERATION: LIVE will feature in real time a caesarian section birth capturing every compelling moment from pre-operation preparation to the miracle moment when parents meet their baby.

Hosted by MELISSA DOYLE , OPERATION: LIVE will demystify exactly what unfolds during a caesarean operation and underline the brilliant work that takes place in our hospitals, giving audiences access to a fascinating world that’s normally off limits.

The operation will be performed at Sydney’s Mater Hospital on Sunday, February 10 by leading obstetrician and gynaecologist, DR STEVEN TAN . A highly skilled surgeon, Dr Tan has delivered over 10,000 babies during his career and admits he’s been known to “shed a tear or two” during certain births.

“It is a wonderful job and it’s a pleasure and honour to do what I do. Words cannot describe the magic. It is truly a very special moment in time when parents have a beautiful child in their hands,” explains Dr Tan who was inspired to become a doctor when as a child his parents dressed him up in a doctor’s coat and handed him a stethoscope.

OPERATION: LIVE will also feature expert commentary from specialist obstetrician and gynaecologist DR GUY SKINNER and cardiothoracic surgeon DR NIKKI STAMP , who will explain the stages of the operation as they happen.

Dr Skinner worked as a country GP who ended up delivering babies due to the remote location of his practice which inspired him to pursue a career in obstetrics. Today he’s one of Melbourne’s busiest obstetricians delivering babies almost every day of the year.

Dr Stamp is one of only 11 female cardiothoracic surgeons in Australia. Her research has been published in numerous leading medical journals including the ANZ Journal of Surgery and the British Medical Journal. She also teaches medical students and surgical trainees.

OPERATION: LIVE is an ITV Studios Australia production for Channel Seven. OPERATION: LIVE was created by The Garden Productions, part of ITV Studios.

OPERATION: LIVE airs SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 10 at 9.00pm on Channel 7


Shouldn’t this show be named OPERATION: PRE-RECORDED?


Depends if they have to go with Plan B, if the above article is accurate: