One Born Every Minute

One Born Every Minute

Network 10’s Baby Joy.

One Born Every Minute. Due In 2019

We’re just bursting with baby joy as we welcome the life-changing factual series, One Born Every Minute to the 10 family.

Produced by Endemol Shine Australia, this tender and emotional series will be set in a bustling maternity ward and will capture all of the fear, love and joy that comes with welcoming new life into the world.

From the reception desk to the operating theatre, remotely-operated cameras will capture the unpredictable, emotional and sometimes precarious situations that happen every day in a maternity unit.

On commissioning the series, Network 10 Chief Content Officer Beverley McGarvey, said: “We have seen our audiences really embrace and enjoy an insight into the world of genuinely amazing Australians including paramedics and life-guards so having the opportunity to now get close to the incredible and dedicated teams who help us through childbirth is not only thrilling but is a real privilege and a series we believe will be very special.”

Endemol Shine Australia CEO Carl Fennessy, said: “ One Born Every Minute is one of the world’s most dramatic, emotional and breath taking factual series. We are incredibly proud to bring this BAFTA Award winning format to Australian audiences in 2019”.

From no-nonsense nurses to first-time mums and anxious dads, the human drama of One Born Every Minute will have you holding your breath, reaching for the tissues….and maybe rethinking your family plan.

Created by Dragonfly, part of Endemol Shine UK, this award -winning documentary series has now been adapted in 10 markets including France, Denmark, Czech Republic and Israel. The Australian version will be made by Endemol Shine Australia and distributed globally by Endemol Shine International.

One Born Every Minute will commence production in Sydney in the coming months.

One Born Every Minute UK will premiere on Saturday 2 March on 10.


I like how 10 are really trying to provide an alternative to those who wouldn’t watch sport. They just need to let that audience know that this show, and others, is on.

Seems like a smart commission. Should provide a similar audience to Ambulance.

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I do wonder why Sydney again? They should film this show at hospitals around Australia.

The new Royal Adelaide Hospital would be a great location. However, I would say they are using the same production staff as Ambulance.

They also probably already have a good working relationship with NSW Health.

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Most likely to be hosted by Grant Denyer.

I have a feeling it will be Lisa Wilkenson again.

A lot more expensive to film at various hospitals. They could have chosen a different city but does it really make any difference?

Most likely Lisa, yes. However given how many shows Grant Denyer hosts I wouldn’t be surprised if he somehow ended up with some involvement!

Didn’t realise you were so obsessed with him. Fingers crossed for you.

Didn’t know you were obsessed with trying to be funny.

I would like to thank Grant Denyer.

Could Carrie Bickmore be a contender for the narrator’s job?

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Promo for UK series

The UK series was a flop last night, unfortunately. Not even in the top 20 (Ambulance Encore beat it) and helped 10 to a sub-7% share for the main channel.

I was hoping that they could put the Australian series into a Saturday night timeslot but after last night, I think they’d be better off putting this on Tuesdays like Ambulance and fast-track Graham Norton on Saturday nights instead.

Problem was there was little promo for the UK series (I didn’t see one ad on Thursday, 10’s highest rating night, when Show Me the Movie and Gogglebox were on).

There was quite a few promos for it during DWTS and Ambulance as well. Problem is that no one wants to watch 10 right now. If they had Masterchef on now then they might’ve had a better chance.

But haven’t these episodes already aired on Australian tv?

I don’t believe Season 9 has, which is what 10 are currently showing.

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