Old Australian dramas re-runs

A VERY interesting article and great news for Water Rats and Blue Heelers fans et al :wink:

Of all the classic soaps out there, this is one I would never have picked to get another airing.

Echo Point, Ten’s short-lived 1995 soap… 130 episodes. I’m surprised it even lasted that long!


I’m still waiting for Nine to add Chances to 9Now. I don’t believe that ever got a repeat screening on Australian television.


I don’t think it has. Some episodes got a DVD release a few years back but IIRC, Nine burned off the last batch of episodes late night on weeknights in December 1992 to get them all done and dusted before the new year… and never to speak of it ever again :stuck_out_tongue:

What about Paradise Beach?

Look! Warner Bros. Movie World!


Another classic dug out of the woodwork for bingeing on… A Country Practice. Seasons 1 and 2 (1981-82) on 7plus.

As well as the regular cast, the pilot features Dasha Blahova (later Maria Ramsay in Neighbours) and Tom Richards (who just after this appearance began as David Palmer in Sons & Daughters)

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