###Offspring Season 6 In Production

New Faces And Returning Cast Announced. Coming Soon To TEN.

Network Ten is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated sixth season of the much-loved, iconic and ground-breaking local drama series Offspring has started production in Melbourne.

Returning for another round of loveable Proudman family chaos, Asher Keddie and Kat Stewart are reprising their roles as sisters Nina and Billie Proudman.

Other cast members joining them include Richard Davies, Lachy Hulme, Patrick Brammall, Linda Cropper, Deborah Mailman, Alicia Gardiner, Jane Harber, Eddie Perfect and Lawrence Leung.

Newcomer TJ Power joins the cast this season in the role of lawyer Will Bowen. TJ’s previous film and television credits include Underbelly: Razor, Molly, The Sapphires and Eat, Pray, Love.

Dan Wyllie guest stars as Dr. Angus Freeman, St Francis’ Director of Clinical Education. Dan is well-known to Australian audiences for his TV Week Logie Award-winning role on Love My Way, as well as memorable roles in Underbelly, Tangle, The Beautiful Lie and Network Ten’s Puberty Blues.


First promo just aired during MasterChef using footage from previous seasons.
“Coming soon”


Just saw this. Very exciting

I saw the promo. It was beautifully made. It’s on Ten’s Twitter account if you miss it the first time.

Some caps


Offspring 2016 First Look

What Does The Future Hold For Nina?

Offspring Season 6. Coming Soon To TEN.

When viewers first met Nina Proudman (Asher Keddie) and her chaotic yet loveable family, the 30-something obstetrician was dealing with the realisation that the baby she had just delivered was actually the product of her father’s affair.

Fast forward five seasons, and Australians have fallen in love with Nina, having shared in every stage of her ever tumultuous life since then. From her complicated relationship with St Francis colleague Dr Chris Havel (Don Hany), to her one night stand with sister Billie’s (Kat Stewart) partner Mick Holland (Eddie Perfect), the discovery that her biological father was actually Dr Noonan (Garry McDonald), to the tragic loss of her true love Dr Patrick Reid (Matthew Le Nevez) followed by the birth of their daughter Zoe. The Australian public has laughed, cried, and been heart-broken alongside Nina every step of the way.

The forthcoming and highly anticipated sixth season of Offspring reunites viewers with the Proudmans 18 months on. Baby Zoe is now two-and-a-half years old, and the family are rocked by an event that could be the making or breaking of them.

The next chapter is coming. What does the future hold?

Season 5 Available On tenplay Ahead Of Season 6 Launch.

Network Ten is giving Offspring fans the chance to watch the entire fifth season and new exclusive, web-only mini-episodes on tenplay for free, ahead of the launch of the new season of the much-loved family drama series on TEN.

From Monday, 30 May at 9.00am, all 13 episodes from season five will be available on demand on tenplay (, letting fans and new viewers catch up before season six hits their screens soon.

Fans of the multi-award-winning drama can relive iconic moments from season five, as Dr Nina Proudman (Asher Keddie), her sister Billie (Kat Stewart) and their family find joy, love, romance and fulfilment in the chaos of modern life.

In June, Offspring fans will be able to connect and engage further with the show’s characters beyond the television screen via exclusive online “webisodes”.

A narrative extension of the show, the seven mini-episodes – all featuring the principal cast and new characters – will be available exclusively on tenplay, for free.

And, for the first time ever, Offspring will be streamed live on tenplay when season six begins.

Network Ten General Manager, Digital, Liz Baldwin, said: “Offspring is hugely popular online, with a dedicated and engaged audience on tenplay and across social media.

“Since we announced that Offspring is returning in 2016, fans and viewers have been beyond excited about one of the television events of the year. We’re thrilled to be able to offer exclusive online content ahead of the start of the new season that will engage fans and hook those yet to experience the Offspring phenomenon.”

Behind-the-scenes interviews with the Offspring cast, plus fashion notes and galleries from the styles featured in each episode of season six, will also feature on tenplay, along with catch-up episodes from the new season.

Another promo for TEN’s Offspring

Isn’t that literally the same promo?

Similar, but the last 30seconds or so are different.

The second version looks like it includes new vision from the show, rather than all recaps like the first.

Very minor but the end board also doesn’t have ‘coming soon’ like the first.

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Oh that’s awkward ahaha :confused: guess I should have checked properly first…

Not a fan of the promos anyway… They’re pretty reductive because all they seem to highlight are the melodramtic plot twists rather than the broader beauty of the show

Really looking forward to the new season.
Do we know how many eps Ten have commissioned?
Do we feel it could be the final ever series. No doubt Asher and others will be getting a massive salary for this.

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New promo.


###Offspring Season Six

The Proudmans Rocked By A Shocking Family Secret

In what promises to be another surprising, exuberant, romantic and heart-warming season, the new season of TEN’s family drama Offspring sees Nina Proudman and her family rocked by an unexpected event which will test them as never before.

The Proudman family are left confused and hurt after uncovering a shocking family secret with extraordinary ramifications.

Add to this the appearance of a mysterious and enigmatic lawyer, Will Bowen played by TJ Power, and Nina’s new colleague, the Director of Clinical Education at St Francis, Dr. Angus Freeman, played by Dan Wyllie, and it is no surprise that Nina and the Proudman family are left in a state of flux.

Picking up 18 months on from where season five left off, with Nina’s daughter Zoe now two-and-a-half years old, Offspring follows Nina’s quest to manage the intensity of her job delivering babies along with the challenges of raising Zoe in the midst of her chaotic family – all while trying to establish a decent love life for herself.

The most anticipated season return of 2016 is almost here. Click here for a look at the forthcoming sixth season of Offspring.

I loved Offspring, truly, but this just seems like we’re going through the same motions again that we’ve been through for the last 5 seasons. As a teaser it just makes me yawn but I hope the end result proves me wrong.

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It does smell of deju vu. I’m not complaining though I did love Offspring. It did just end perfectly in it’s last season that I feel they won’t be able to replicate or match that.

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Encore screening of Season 5

Episode 1 Tuesday 14 June at 12:10 pm on TEN

Episode 2 and subsequent episodes at 1:10pm each day.

The Talk will be out then