NRL on Nine


A new look set for the half time break from a box at the SCG. Looks good.


Brad Fittler was dressed for the occasion tonight, wearing a dark coloured windcheater with the heavy rain in Sydney.




What a stupid name.


How does people think of the ‘revamped’ coverage and post game shows so far? Is it an improvement on before?



For me, anything was an improvement on the old Footy Show.


Sorry if it’s already been talked about, but have Nine reverted on their decision last year to have all Melbourne Storm games on the main channel? (i.e.) last Thursday?


It was only Friday night games last year which were on the main channel. When Storm played on a Thursday night or Sunday 4pm game it was on 9Gem.


Thanks for that. Oh okay, my bad.

It will be interesting to see it that same strategy continues this year when Nine have a Storm game on a Friday night. From what I remember last year, the ratings were quite disappointing from a main channel and share perspective, though on the flip side they get better reach and exposure.


Doesn’t help being up against the AFL of course.


A timeslot Nine will never win in Melbourne. But which would rate higher - live NRL featuring the Storm, or alternative programming?


Possibly alternate programming in Melbourne. It has been a lopsided battle in its 7:30pm Friday timeslot against AFL on 7. Seven won the night easily in not just Melbourne, but around the 5-city metro station. In fact, Nine made the right decision to shunt the match to Gem in Victoria and tasmania. Tasmania, Adelaide and Perth have small amount of nrl supporters.


What I’m sort of getting at is, Nine have to decide on put all Storm games on the main channel in Melbourne or none at all.

Flip flopping and sitting on the fence to see just makes it confusing, already confusing enough with having GEM and SD and the abrupt randomly changing end times.

That’s ill judged I’d say, Shoudy.