NRL on Nine


Unless of course you live in Melbourne, Adelaide or Perth in which case, you can forget about watching the new post-game shows because they aren’t being shown at all (not even a late night airing on Nine like The Footy Show had)…


Can’t wait to watch my Storm in crystal-clear SD! Thanks Channel 9 :slight_smile:


The majority of fans in Victoria have Fox and has given up on Channel 9 a long time ago. Blury SD and cut off the post game what incentive is their to watch on 9


South Australian and western australian NRL fans would rather watch the coverage Live on Fox/Kayo Sports so that they can see the post match talk instead of Gem (where it normally rates lower). With Kayo, it means commercial free and no putting up with Gus, Ray warren talking other things.
At 6:46pm, they end coverage in Perth to go to alternate programming e.g. Antiques Roadshow. I think Nine news Perth might get updates to the NRL scores once it finishes (given that WA is 3 hours behind NSW). In April, it will revert to 2 hours once DS ends


I didn’t think they ever did this?


Kick off delayed until 7:05pm Qld time, not a big surprise.


A different kind of warm up.

Channel Nine commentators doing on field checks in the background of the FOX League coverage.


YOur thoughts of the 2019 nrl season?

  • Turbocharged season - look forward to the games
  • So-so
  • A long season

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It’s not. Nine is keeping the graphics from the All Stars game last month.



Good to see that they still present from the grounds.


Surprised no one (that I recall) has mentioned no Wally Lewis as part of Nines coverage??? Hasn’t been mentioned in the press release.


He is in Melbourne


For 9 News - not for the coverage or commentary.


Shows that he’s still on their payroll.

I’d be very surprised if we don’t see Wally during NRL game coverage this year.

And as they’ve already got Billy Slater, Darren Lockyer and Paul Vautin on the coverage tonight, 3 Queenslanders is plenty.


I dont like the ‘casual’ look by Nine. Put some nice dress shirts on folks


I totally agree! I just took this shot to post the same thing!

Not a fan at all.

Jackets with casual shirt makes no sense at all.


Looks like Nine did all the talk from the field tonight. In the last few seasons, it was usually done from a built-in studio on the “general-admission area” of the stadium. So at least the set up is different.

Also, Paul Vautin did some commentary tonight, and is now on this post-game show (what’s it called? Extra time?)


It’s called Golden Point.

And much better outfits too.



Golden Point