NRL on Nine


How Billy’s going to find time when he’s also an assistant coach at St.Kilda we won’t know…


Test match only on 9Gem


After the Tonga match finished, 9Gem went to an ad break then a five-minute wrap to end the telecast. Last week there was an extended post-match segment after the Australia-NZ test.


And they probably got through as much in said 5 minute wrap than they did in the 30 minutes they did last week…


Did they allocate a decent bitrate to 9Gem for the game, or was it the same rubbish quality Melbourne normally gets?


FTA picture was poor


The 2019 NRL fixture will be launched in Sydney this Thursday, and The Sunday Telegraph has revealed the first round line-ups. For the first time in 92 years, Sydney Roosters and South Sydney will meet at the SCG in the opening round, with Allianz Stadium awaiting demolition. It will be the first time since 1984 that the SCG is used for an opening round match of NSWRL/NRL.
Melbourne however has the honour of kicking off the new season, with the Storm hosting the Broncos on Thursday night, March 14, coinciding with the Australian Formula One Grand Prix weekend at Albert Park. The Roosters-Rabbitohs clash will be held on the Friday night after Knights v Sharks.


Oh for fucks sake. Shove your 6pm Friday game right up your fucking arse Rupert. Fuck off and die already and take Fox Sports and your family with you.

This is why I am not immediately renewing my Knights membership. 6pm Friday only benefits one old bastard. The minute he passes away, and his empire crumbles like away like a old drywall, the better sport and politics will be.


What a great post. It’s the worst time slot for the sport and is actually making the game suffer.


Problem is if that game is not played at 6pm Friday, it will have to be played at Thursday night, Saturday or Sunday, meaning two simultaneous games on separate Fox Sports channels.


Thank you. I could barely get to Knights games last year, and had to tell the club that I could not automatically renew because of this. At this point, I am considering going non-ticketed and buying the odd ticket when timing actually works for me.

Oh poor diddums. They can’t be arsed putting it on another Fox Sports channel not called Fox League?

Who the fuck cares. NRL actually suffers to more they kow-tow to that fucking dinosaur Rupert and the other dinosaurs at Nine.

Yes, I am aware all the clubs are reliant on that TV deal money. But sooner or later, the bubble will burst. They may not have the fans there to save them - there are other ways to spend their entertainment dollar and it will kick them in the arse. Treat the fans like shit and we will go elsewhere.


At least Newcastle isn’t in Queensland, 5PM kickoffs on a Friday for the first month of the season!


It doesn’t seem to be an issue for the AFL to have 2 games on at about the same time.

The other option is a Super Super Saturday, with games at 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and 8pm.


There’s an easy solution to that - make the 6:30pm Sunday timeslot a permanent feature of the fixture instead of just featuring in the first rounds of the season


Now that would be a good compromise. I could see that work.


The 2019 NRL draw was released at 11am AEDT today. It will feature the first ever NRL game at the new Western Sydney Stadium in Parramatta and the first ever Magic Round (Round 9 at Suncorp Stadium where all 16 teams play over four days) although only three of those matches will be on Nine.
Reigning premiers Sydney Roosters are the most affected, forced to play all but one of their home games at the SCG (while Allianz Stadium is being redeveloped) and with most of their match dates affected by the AFL fixture which will be released next Tuesday. The Roosters will play a home game at Adelaide Oval against Melbourne in Round 15.


Full list of FTA Games. Note that Parramatta home games at the new Western Sydney Stadium are subject to the Eels coming to an agreement to playing at that venue (the Wests Tigers have signed a deal to play 4 home games there).

ROUND 1 (14-17/3)
THURS: Melbourne vs Brisbane (Swan St)
FRI: Syd.Roosters vs South Sydney (SCG)
SUN: Penrith vs Parramatta (Gus’ House…I mean Penrith)

ROUND 2 (21-24/3)
THURS: St.George/Illawarra vs South Sydney (Kogarah)
FRI: Brisbane vs North Queensland (Lang Park, 6:55 Local Kickoff)
SUN: Canterbury vs Parramatta (Olympic Stadium)

ROUND 3 (28-31/3)
THURS: Brisbane vs St.George/Illawarra (Lang Park, 6:50 Local Kickoff)
FRI: Parramatta vs Syd.Roosters (Olympic Stadium)
SUN: Wests Tigers vs Canterbury (Campbelltown)

ROUND 4 (4-7/4)
THURS: Syd.Roosters vs Brisbane (SCG)
FRI: Penrith vs Wests Tigers (Penrith)
SUN: Melbourne vs Canterbury (Swan St)

ROUND 5 (11-14/4)
THURS: Brisbane vs Wests Tigers (Lang Park, revert to normal kickoff time as Daylight Savings end on the 7th of April)
FRI: North Queensland vs Melbourne (Willows)
SUN: St.George/Illawarra vs Canterbury (Kogarah)

THURS: Cronulla vs Penrith (Shark Park)
FRI: South Sydney vs Canterbury (Olympic Stadium, 4:05 Kickoff), Melbourne vs Syd.Roosters (Swan St, 7:55 Kickoff)
SUN: Canberra vs Brisbane (Canberra)

ROUND 7 (ANZAC ROUND, 25-28/4)
THURS: Syd.Roosters vs St.George/Illawarra (SCG, 4:05 Kickoff), Melbourne vs NZ Warriors (Swan St, 7:50 Kickoff)
FRI: Penrith vs South Sydney (Penrith)
SUN: Newcastle vs Parramatta (Joey’s House…I mean Newcastle)

ROUND 8 (2-5/5)
THURS: South Sydney vs Brisbane (Olympic Stadium)
FRI: Cronulla vs Melbourne (Shark Park)
SUN: Parramatta vs St.George/Illawarra (West Sydney*)

ROUND 9 (MAGIC WEEKEND, 9-12/5, ALL games played at Lang Park)
THURS: Gold Coast vs Cronulla
FRI: Manly vs Brisbane (Yes it’s a Manly Home Game)
SUN: South Sydney vs North Queensland (game usually played in Cairns)

ROUND 10 (16-19/5)
THURS: Melbourne vs Wests Tigers (Swan St)
FRI: Brisbane vs Syd.Roosters (Lang Park)
SUN: Cronulla vs Manly (Shark Park)

ROUND 11 (23-26/5)
THURS: Parramatta vs Penrith (West Sydney*)
FRI: Newcastle vs Syd.Roosters (Newcastle)
SUN: St.George/Illawarra vs Cronulla (Wollongong)

ROUND 12 (30/5-2/6, BYE ROUND)
THURS: Penrith vs Manly (Penrith)
FRI: Parramatta vs South Sydney (West Sydney*)
SUN: Gold Coast vs North Queensland (Robina)


ROUND 13 (7-10/6, Queen’s Birthday in NSW)
FRI: Wests Tigers vs Canberra (West Sydney)
SUN: Penrith vs Syd.Roosters (Penrith)

ROUND 14 (13-16/6)
THURS: Canberra vs Cronulla (Canberra, FFS don’t they realise they shouldn’t be playing night games in June in Canberra?
FRI: North Queensland vs Wests Tigers (Willows)
SUN: Syd.Roosters vs Canterbury (SCG Pending AFL Draw)

STATE OF ORIGIN 2, Sunday 23 June, PERTH STADIUM, believe it will be a 6:05 Local Kickoff (8:05 EST)

ROUND 15 (27-30/6)
THURS: Wests Tigers vs South Sydney (West Sydney)
FRI: Syd.Roosters vs Melbourne (Adelaide Oval pending AFL Draw, 7:25 Local kickoff)
SUN: Canterbury vs Cronulla (Olympic Stadium)

ROUND 16 (4-7/7, BYE ROUND)
THURS: St.George/Illawarra vs Melbourne (Wollongong)
FRI: Wests Tigers vs Syd.Roosters (West Sydney)
SUN: Cronulla vs Brisbane (Shark Park)


ROUND 17 (12-14/7)
FRI: Newcastle vs Canterbury (Newcastle)
SUN: Wests Tigers vs Parramatta (West Sydney)

ROUND 18 (18-21/7)
THURS: Brisbane vs Canterbury (Lang Park)
FRI: Penrith vs St.George/Illawarra (Penrith)
SUN: Manly vs Parramatta (Brookvale)

ROUND 19 (25-28/7)
THURS: Cronulla vs North Queensland (Shark Park)
FRI: South Sydney vs St.George/Illawarra (Olympic Stadium)
SUN: Penrith vs Canberra (Penrith)

ROUND 20 (1-4/8)
THURS: Wests Tigers vs North Queensland (Leichhardt)
FRI: Melbourne vs Brisbane (Lang Park)
SUN: St.George/Illawarra vs Parramatta (Kogarah)

ROUND 21 (8-11/8)
THURS: North Queensland vs Brisbane (Willows)
FRI: Penrith vs Cronulla (Penrith)
SAT: Canterbury vs Wests Tigers (Olympic Stadium, all Saturday games on FTA from this point are 7:35 Kickoffs)
SUN: South Sydney vs Melbourne (Gosford)

ROUND 22 (15-18/8)
THURS: Manly vs Wests Tigers (Brookvale)
FRI: Brisbane vs Penrith (Lang Park)
SAT: South Sydney vs Canterbury (Olympic Stadium)
SUN: Cronilla vs St.George/Illawarra (Shark Park

ROUND 23 (22-25/8)
THURS: Parramatta vs Canterbury (West Sydney*)
FRI: Brisbane vs South Sydney (Lang Park)
SAT: St.George/Illawarra vs Syd.Roosters (Kogarah)
SUN: Canberra vs Manly (Canberra)

ROUND 24 (29/8-1/9)
THURS: North Queensland vs Canterbury (Willows)
FRI: Brisbane vs Parramatta (Lang Park)
SAT: Syd.Roosters vs Penrith (SCG)
SUN: St.George/Illawarra vs Wests Tigers (SCG)

ROUND 25 (5-8/9)
THURS: South Sydney vs Syd.Roosters (Olympic Stadium)
FRI: Melbourne vs North Queensland (Swan St)
SAT: Gold Coast vs St.George/Illawarra (Robina)
SUN: Penrith vs Newcastle (Penrith)

GRAND FINAL is on the 6th of October


They have.


This game will be able to be played at the SCG as the Swans have a bye this weekend

Whilst the game will be able to be played at this time with the AFL game scheduled for Adelaide Oval that weekend is on Saturday Night, the chances of casual Adelaide viewers/attendees are diminished greatly with the Crows scheduled to play away that night.


A new 1 minute NRL promo using Andra Day’s Rise Up just aired. Excellent promo.