NRL on Nine


Is there one where both teams just don’t leave the dressing room and don’t play? :rofl:


Not yet mate :wink:


I’m watching Space Jam. Tell me if both teams suddenly fall ill and explode. :wink: :rofl:


Will do


Using referee cam on 9Now app so I don’t have to put up with ads and Gus and Ray in commentary box.


NRL Telecast finished at 7:55pm in Perth to head off to Nine News.


are nine and fox both showing the test match live?




GEM in Melbourne I assume? (I’m in Melbourne this weekend)


So Nine news is at 5pm?


Only in NSW and ACT. In Queensland, NZ v Australia will be at 4.30pm local time followed by Nine News at 7.15pm.


Official national live streaming audience for the NRL grand final on 9Now was 45,000.


No Ray Warren for the test, i assume. Matt Thompson likely for the Test match.


Did the trans tasman test finish like 15min early or something did it?

Because I was channel surfing and was on 9Gem for a moment, EPG said “Escape From Alcatraz” scheduled to finish at 10:39pm and suddenly after a FFF promo “The Quick and the Dead” started around 10:25pm and the EPG also subsequently changed in front of my eyes (which Nine commonly do - which I like).


Coverage finished at 8PM EDST


Correct. We all know about Rabs’s fear of flying.

Next week’s test against Tonga will only be on Gem.

Also Gus put out a tweet saying his commentary duties for 9 are done for the year which makes me wonder will 9Gem only be taking the feed from Sky Sports New Zealand


I’d suspect they’d just go with Joey and Freddy alongside Thompson, and have someone else alongside Lockyer for HT/FT.


And I suspect it will be hosted from the studio with no Nine personalities visible on ground.


Nine announced at this afternoon’s upfronts there would be two post-match shows in 2019.
Recently retired players Sam Thaiday and Billy Slater will join Nine’s commentary team from next year.


And off goes my television set.