NRL coverage


Wouldn’t mind betting they get rights to the 7:30 Saturday game which rarely gets broadcast on a commercial station.


Will be interesting to see if Super Network stations end up taking their call (assuming they have indeed got the rights). If I recall correctly they take some of the syndicated shows from Crocmedia already?

Could see old Bill being interested especially if it’s offered for free like the AFL call was to regional stations when Crocmedia first got the rights in 2010.

I’m guessing it would also be the first time that the Super Radio Network stations have aired an NRL call since around 2005.


Well done! This will appear weeks later on ‘radio yesterday’.


Who would Crocmedia get for play by play though?


Daily Tele has a story about Crocmedia saying they hope to call 4 games a week. Paywall


Interesting to note that the four games Crocmedia wants to call each round are the exact same games Triple M had/has the rights to


The article also says 2GB, as official rights holders, has the power to scuttle any onsell deal with Crocmedia. So it seems Crocmedia may not have a direct deal with the NRL.


Macquarie Media Syndication is now directing equiries about the syndication of the Continuous Call Team to Crocmedia.

Probably to keep MRN happy since none of those games are covered by 2GB’s Continuous Call Team.


The NRL will give Crocmedia the games that Triple M already have. This will keep them in GB’s good books.

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Well if they’ll syndicate CCT will the BOG stations get it? Thought that was another network that Hadley fell out with.


Crocmedia will likely get someone like Matt Thompson from Nine or Joel Caine for calling.


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I remember Matt Thompson and Joel Cain from 2GB. Hey worked with Ray Hadley, if I remember well. Joel Cain also worked with Triple M


He didn’t but did Sportsbet updates with them.

Joel Caine I can see heading there, Mark Braybrook, Peter Psaltis are some other people I could see there. Maybe wvenGary Harley for Newcastle games?

There’s even the likes of Drury Forbes and Peter Jolley who do streams now days who are due for full time gigs on the radio


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Tim Gavel for Canberra Raiders games, and Alan McLaughlin for Warriors games.


Tim Gavel is still on ABC and Alan has retired.


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Bring back Arthur Higgins for the Storm games!


Crocmedia would need a caller in Brisbane, so that’s where Peter Psaltis comes in. I think Thompson will have more games on Nine this year, so i’d say Mark Braybrook could be calling too for Crocmedia. Drury Forbes is also a possiblty too.


Love the fact that Blocky is coming back to commentary on radio. He was good with Ray, and with Andrew Moore.

Sounds like 2GB are outsourcing parts of its NRL coverage to Crocmedia but keeping the CCT part, like a 50-50 joint production or something. I think they may be looking to ease out of it somehow - a bit like Canada’s CBC carrying Rogers’ coverage of NHL ice hockey, especially for Hockey Night in Canada.

From a financial point of view, it makes sense - they just pay Ray Ray, Bozo, Dickhead Brohman, Pigs Arse Riddell, Morrow and Erin, albeit on smaller wages for all except Ray Ray. Can’t see Ray Ray keeping on going forever, ditto Morrow and Bozo.

Funny that Bill Caralis is mentioned in all this…about time his stations aired a sport that is popular in their license areas!

Still going to listen to the ABC though. Especially in Newie with SportsEars in one ear and 1233 in the other. :wink: